Islamist Mob Burn Christian Homes Over Plans To Build A Church

Not a week goes by here in the UK without some kind of planning application being submitted for a mosque or Islamic centre.  Almost every time local authourity planners only to happy to bend over backwards to appease Muslims give the green light for the construction, even when there are objections. Yet despite our countries  willingness to accomodate Muslims. We still are subjected to Muslim organizations such as TellMama blabbing on about islamophobia painting the entire country as racist and intorrent.

If you want to see real intolerance you only have to look at things in a Muslim country. Even a so called moderate Islamic nation like Egypt. Where plans for a church was enough to see an Islamist mob going in a frenzy attacking Christians and burning down their homes.

Islamist mob destroys Christian homes in Egypt

An Egyptian municipal worker cleans debris from clashes in front of the Coptic cathedral in Cairo, Egypt in 2013 (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Islamists attacked a village after reports that Christians intended to build a church

The homes and properties of Coptic Christians in Egypt have been attacked by radical Islamists after reports surfaced that a new church was going to be built.

According to International Christian Concern, the attacks occurred in the Sohag Governorate in Upper Egypt in the village of Manshiet El-Naghamish.

The village is populated by more than 2,000 Christians and the nearest church is more than three miles away.

The villagers decided the build a four-storey building to be used as a community centre, nursery and retirement home, prompting suspicions from local Muslims that they intended to build a church.

Christians have applied for a permit to build a church but have not yet received permission.

Samir Nashed, a Christian resident of El-Naghamish, told ICC: “On Friday [at] noon, November 25, following the Muslim prayers, a great deal of fanatic Muslim young men, some of them were carrying gas canisters and rocks while others came armed with automatic rifles, clubs, machetes and knives, they attacked Copts and Coptic-owned houses.

“The attackers cut [off] the road so that the fire trucks could not enter the village; they also cut off the water and power supply to the village.”

Four Copts were injured and a Christian-run guest house was destroyed, four Coptic-owned shops were burned and nine homes were also devastated.

Eighteen Muslims have now been arrested

2 thoughts on “Islamist Mob Burn Christian Homes Over Plans To Build A Church”

  1. Yes, it is astonishing that we can be tarred as racist if we even mildly object to unlimited migration. If anybody says or does anything the Left do not approve of racist is spat in your face. Nobody in England is allowed to have their own thoughts on the matter. They must obey the fascists on the Left. Well, Brexit showed we are not all cowed by the left-wing thugs.

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