Rochdale Gay Rape Jihad : Man Raped By 2 Muslims In Broadfield Park

There was a time not so long ago when to hear of a man getting raped was completley unheard of. If did happen it would be front page news. Now it seems to happen so regular that reporting of it in the press is minor and deemed less newsworthy than something trivial like is Cheryl Cole pregnant which is splashed all over the media.

It is little coincidence that the alarming increase in gay rape case numbers has risen alongside the numbers of Muslim immigrants settling in the UK from lawless Islamic countries. Often of low IQ, inbred, unskilled, violent, anti social and have little morals  thanks to their life of Islam 24/7 .

Rochdale has had more than its fair share of this kind of Muslim landing on its doorstep over recent years. There fore its of little surprise that the town is rapidly becoming the UKs rape-jihad capital. The towns streets are extremely unsafe for men, women and children who are all at risk of the Muslim sexual predator.

Rochdale rape: Man sexually assaulted in Broadfield Park

  • 3 November 2016
  • From the section Manchester
Broadfield Park gatesImage copyrightGOOGLE
Image captionThe man was raped on the path which runs alongside Sparrow Hill in Rochdale’s Broadfield Park, police said

A man was raped in a Greater Manchester park, police have said.

The 36 year old was approached by two unknown men as he sat on a bench in Broadfield Park, Rochdale at about 18.30 GMT on Tuesday.

After a brief verbal exchange, one of the men restrained him while the other raped him, police said.

Officers want to trace a man and woman who shouted at the perpetrators, causing them to run off in the direction of the Broadfield Hotel.

The bench where the assault took place is on a path which runs alongside Sparrow Hill, police said.

The suspects are both described as Asian, of large build, and in their late 20s or early 30s.

One had black hair and a goatee beard and was wearing dark clothing and footwear that was red at the heel and white towards the front.

The other was clean shaven and wearing a grey hoodie with Nike written across the chest, grey jogging pants and white boxer shorts with small, red checks.

Det Insp Damian Simpson said the actions of the two witnesses “are likely to have saved the victim from suffering even further” in this “ruthless attack” and said their “co-operation could be of significant value” to the investigation.

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