Almost 30 % of French Muslims Reject Secular Laws In Favour Of Sharia

A poll of Muslims living in France has revealed that almost 30% of them rejected the laws of the land. Favouring the outdated and barbaric Islamic sharia law. In terms of numbers the 30% who reject the secular laws equates to around 1 million French Muslims.

24% of the Muslims polled were also were also in favour of the full face covering burqa, the dress code of Muslim females living in an extremist household or in a part of the world where sharia is enforced by fundamentalists.

Its just a pity that the researchers did not continue further with the questions given the eye opening results. Such as: Do you think ISIS attacks are justifiable ?  Would you one day like to see Europe living under sharia?   I imagine the figures who said yes would be equally as high.


Just under 30 percent of France’s 3 to 4 million Muslims reject the country’s secular laws, according to an Ifop poll published by the French weekly Journal du Dimanche.

When asked if they considered the Islamic legal and moral code of sharia to be more important than the French Republic’s laws, 29 percent of respondents answered “yes.”

The poll found that 20 percent of male Muslim respondents and 28 percent of female Muslim respondents were in favor of the face veil, the niqab, and of the burqa which covers both face and body.Another 60 percent said they were in favor of letting girls and women wear a head scarf at schools and universities which is forbidden at France’s secular public institutions.

Deadly attacks by Islamist militants, including bombings and shootings in Paris which killed 130 people last November and a truck attack in Nice killing more than 80 people in July, have raised tensions between communities in France.

French Muslim leaders said last month that decisions taken by some municipal authorities to ban the body-covering swimwear the burkini could lead to further stigmatization of Muslims.The Ifop poll contradicted previous estimates which said Muslims made up to 10 percent of France’s population of some 65 million.

It said Muslims represented 5.6 percent of the country’s citizens aged 15 and over and 10 percent of under 25s. It said 84 percent of France’s Muslims were under 50.

Source: Just under 30 percent of French Muslims reject secular laws: poll | Reuters

4 thoughts on “Almost 30 % of French Muslims Reject Secular Laws In Favour Of Sharia”

  1. God is love. That love needs to be in us given to others. Sharia is loveless. Somber looking Muslims will not make a loveless law good. God’s law is not hate a name or hate the dog or maim a person or hate a sexuality name or hate the sight of the God made form or cut a body part. God’s law that we keep now will be kept in God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom will not have Sharia in it. God’s law is love. Satan hates it. Allah hates it. How is Allah God?

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