Police Stumped For Motive As Knifeman Stabs 8 In US Shopping Mall Attack Referencing Allah And Asking If People Were Muslim

Looks like we could have another of those people described as suffering from ‘mental problems’ responsible for this stabbing spree in an American shopping mall. Police are as yet unable to determine the motive for the attack. Despite him making “some references to Allah” as he  stabbed and injured eight people in the US state of Minnesota on Saturday night, before being shot dead by an off-duty officer,.The knifeman asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them said Blair Anderson, the police chief in the city of St. Cloud where the attack took place.

The state of Minnesota is the American equivalent of somewhere like East London or West Yorkshire here in the UK. Not in looks, but by the fact it has been absolutely swamped in recent years by Muslim immigrants who are attracted by the states generous welfare hand outs. Bringing  with them all the same Muslim problems we have in the UK due  to them acting like they are still in their lawless Muslim homelands and refusal to integrate with the rest of society.

Worryingly this attack just goes to show that you don’t need guns or bombs to inflict mass injuries just a kitchen knife and a warped enough mindset. This attacker managed to stab 8 before being shot dead. How many would have been stabbed had it been in the UK where the police are unarmed. 

You can read more on Minnesota’s problems regarding Mass Muslim immigration, Somalian street gangs, Muslim sex gangs, racist attacks on non Muslim Americans and Muslim taxi drivers enforcing sharia law at this past post : The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem. 


UPDATE: Mall Attacker Referenced ‘Allah,’ Asked if People Were Muslims Before Stabbing Them, Police Chief Says [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

(ST. CLOUD) — St. Cloud’s police chief says the suspect in a stabbing attack on customers at the Crossroads Shopping Center in St. Cloud Saturday night referenced “Allah” and asked a victim if they were Muslim.

Police Chief Blair Anderson says the armed suspect — dressed in a security guard uniform — walked into Crossroads Shopping Center Saturday night just after 8 before stabbing at least eight people. Anderson says an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction engaged the suspect and fatally shot him.Anderson says according to witness accounts to police, the suspect made some references to Allah and asked at least one person in the mall if they were Muslim before attacking them.

Police say the Crossroads Shopping Center is an active crime scene and will be closed Sunday as police process the crime scene and interview people who were in the mall at the time of the attack.Police were called to Crossroads Center at 8:15 p.m. Saturday after they started receiving phone calls from people inside the mall.Chief Anderson says the stabbings happened in multiple locations in the mall.

Chris Nelson with CentraCare Health says eight people were taken to St. Cloud Hospital. Seven were treated and released. One was admitted, though their condition wasn’t immediately available. But Chief Anderson says all of the victims suffered from non-life threatening injuries.Anderson says there is no evidence that anyone besides the one suspect was involved in the stabbing. He says there’s no imminent threat to residents.

Police have not released the identity of the attacker, but they know who he is. Chief Anderson says they have had previous contacts with the suspect for minor traffic stops.Area law enforcement from around the region stepped-in to help St. Cloud Police in the aftermath of the attack. Chief Anderson says the FBI has offered their help, as well.

Source: UPDATE: Mall Attacker Referenced ‘Allah,’ Asked if People Were Muslims Before Stabbing Them, Police Chief Says [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

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