Daytime Attempted Abduction Of Girl Aged 12 In Heywood

Attempted abduction of a 12 year old girl yesterday afternoon in Heywood, Greater Manchester. Previously Heywood was in the news for all the wrong reasons as the location of a take away used by members of the Rochdale grooming gang for their heinous pimping out of vulnerable local girls. 

Instinctively upon seeing the words ‘abduction attempt’ or similar in a news headline you just know before looking any further that the offender will be described as ‘Asian’. Indicating the involvement of members of ‘the religion of peace’. Nothing new there then!!  

Given that official figures put Muslims at 6% of the UK population and the other 94% non Muslims. Then you would expect Muslims to only be responsible for only 6% of offences if they commit no  higher % when compared to others. Like the far left and Muslim apologists keep telling us. That’s less than 1 in 10 Muslim committed and the other 9 of a similar nature committed by non Muslims. Err don’t think so somehow !!!!

These kind of attacks are no different. Abductions or attempted one on women, schoolgirls and boys

  • Like in cases of grooming gangs .
  • Like random on the street sex attacks and rapes.
  • Like taxi drivers committing sex crimes on female passengers 

 =  Muslims way over represented in % of offenders


Girl, 12, escapes Heywood abduction attempt

Manchester Road, HeywoodImage copyrightGoogle
Image captionThe girl was walking along Manchester Road in Heywood when she was approached by a man in a car

A 12-year-old girl fled after a man tried to abduct her as she walked home, Greater Manchester Police said.

She was walking along Manchester Road in Heywood when a car pulled up alongside her at 15:25 BST on Thursday.

Police said the driver then wound down the window and shouted: “Get it in the car. I don’t want to say it again – get in the car!”

She managed to run back to her school, and police have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

The driver is described as Asian, aged between 30 and 40, with a moustache, stubble, shaved black hair and bushy black eyebrows.

He was driving a small, dirty, white car.

PC Andrew Brown said: “The young girl was thankfully unharmed, but was left understandably shaken by the incident.

“People should be vigilant and keep an eye out for a vehicle and driver matching the above description in the Heywood area.”

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