Berkshire Rape Jihad: Teenage Girl Kidnapped By ‘Asian’ Male In Underpass

 Almost instantly when reading a head line like this daytime attack in Berkshire you just know before reading any further on that the sexual predator responsible s going to be described as ‘Asian’. Apologies once again to the law abiding British Sikhs and others who may be described as ‘Asian’ as we know from experience that 99.9% of the sex crimes committed by ‘Asian’ people that there is only one group responsible – Muslims.

There was once a time when females could walk the streets relatively safe, especially during the daytime. No longer do attacks only happen after dark in isolated places. As more and more Muslims have come to the UK not only has the amount of sex attacks increased they now can happen anytime and any place. Day or night, they dont even care if there is other people around. They seem to have no fear of being caught which makes them double dangerous

A TEENAGE girl was the victim of a kidnap in an underpass.

At around 9.30am this morning, the woman in her late teens was walking in the underpass in Burnham Lane towards Burnham railway station when a man approached her.
Initially the offender tried to engage her in conversation and walked alongside her. He then grabbed her by the waist and started dragging her away.

She managed to grab onto some railings and call the police on her mobile phone. At this point the offender ran off.

The victim sustained cuts to her hand and elbow.

The offender is described as Asian, 5ft 7ins, with facial stubble. He was wearing a grey jumper or sweatshirt with a red top underneath, a dark coloured jacket and tan-coloured trousers.

Investigating officer, Det Con Stuart Malham, from Slough CID, said: “We want to speak to anyone in the area at the time of the incident, in particular several people who passed the victim as she was being held by the man. They may have assumed there was a domestic argument going on. This was not the case and any information they may have could be vital to the investigation.”

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