Sadistic Child Killer Serving Life Converts To Islam In British Prison

Child killer now a Muslim.
Child killer now a Muslim

Sadistic serial killer Levi Bellfield has converted to Islam behind bars and now going by the Muslim name Yusuf Rahim. The evil killer was responsible for murdering 13 year old schoolgirl Milly Dowler after kidnapping her in broad daylight and repeatedly raping her over a 14 hour period before killing the girl.

In a letter published in the Sun newspaper, the beast makes reference  to his new Muslim faith ending the letter with: “Reference my Muslim status, this is between me and the almighty Allah (Subbahana Wata Ala), Inshallah, may be one day, you will find this beautiful faith.”

Evil Bellfield is one of only 55 people serving a whole life sentence in the UK. Currently he is held in the high security Frankland Prison in Durham. One of only 6 Cat A prisons in the UK, it is home to some of the worst of the worst inmates including other sick child killers such as Ian Huntley, OAP serial rapist “Night Stalker” and a whole host of other repulsive sex fiends.  

Not all the prisoners held there are sex offenders, to those other inmates Bellfield and his like are the filth of the inmate population and they would attack them given chance. In fact Frankland has seen several nonces seriously attacked by other inmates including Soham killer Ian Huntley getting his throat slashed and a child rapist disembowelled in his cell.

No doubt Bellfield having a target on his back played a part in his conversion to Islam. Muslim prison gangs rise is down to ‘strength in numbers’. The Islamists will happily recruit anybody they can convert regardless of what they have done and how despised they are. Bellfields conversion will give them another brother on the wing and will be seen as a high profile convert and a possible selling point to convert other sexual deviants to Islam. In return he will receive the protection of the other Muslims should he be targeted 


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