Failed Asylum Seeker Guilty Of Raping Male In Sunderland

Considering Islam is very homophobic and gays face the death penalty under sharia law. There is no shortage of homosexual Muslim rapists committing heinous sex attacks on other males. Something which is getting all to common of late

Filthy Muslim Ayoub Khalifa a failed asylum seeker who by rights shouldnt even be in the UK is one of those animals responsible for such crimes. Appearing in court the gay rapist pleaded guilty to raping a male in Sunderland in Sept 2015. A taxpayer funded interpretor was needed to translate proceedings. Lets just hope when he does leave prison that he doesnt pass GO or collect his £200 but frogmarched directly to the airport and sent back to which ever Muslim shithole he came here from

Asylum seeker Ayoub Khalifa has pleaded guilty to raping a man in a city centre attack.

We reported previously how Khalifa was accused of attacking the stranger in the Panns Bank area of Sunderland , in the early hours of September 13 last year.
During an appearance at Newcastle Crown Court on Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to a charge of rape.

Khalifa appeared on a video-link to Durham Prison and had an interpretor to help him understand what was being said.

The 29-year-old, who is of no fixed address, was further remanded in custody and will be sentenced on April 4.

The victim, who is in his early 20s, is said to have been raped after leaving a nightclub in Sunderland in the early hours of the morning.

Details of exactly what happened will not be revealed until the sentencing hearing.

Judge Robert Adams said the case involves a “very serious allegation” but gave no indication of what the likely sentence will be.

Proscutor Anne Richardson told the court it is believed Khalifa is a “failed asylum seeker”.

Police launched an investigation and carried out extra patrols after the offence was reported.

Khalifa was later arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

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