UAF Leader Weyman Bennett Spits His Dummy Out When Radio Host John Gaunt Destroys Him

weyman bennett uaf communist scumbag

Radio host Jon Gaunt destroys Unite Against Fascism / Socialist Workers Party leader Weyman Bennett live on air when discussing Tommy Robinson and Pegida.

Communist Weyman Bennett spits his dummy out big time when host John Gaught points out that Bennett is both a liar and a hypocrite. Bennett is a completely delusional moron, rather than answer the questions and talk about Tommy Robinson and Pegida . He continuously twisted the truth and in some cases told complete lies about Tommy Robinson/Pegida. When pointed out he was talking crap would then rather dodge the questions and start waffling on about the 1930s, Hitler and Mussolini which were nothing relevant to the subject but his attempt to link anybody who objects to Islamization or doesn’t want an open borders immigration policy as being a Nazi or Fascist

Weyman Bennett is a complete joke who does nothing but stir up trouble and scaremonger to justify UAFs existence which pays for him to be a full time SWP activist . He still repeats the exact same lies and has the same hypocritical attitude as last time John Gaunt destroyed him on air. Here is the recording from last time.

socialist wanker weyman bennett

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