Illegal Immigrant Collecting Money For Mosque Sexually Assaulted Woman


Amazing a Muslim sex attacker caught by the Muslim community and handed over to police after details were put on Facebook and somebody recognized him……wouldn’t be anything to do with the victim also being a Muslim also would it. They arent so quick at reporting Muslim grooming gang members who target white schoolgirls preferring to look the other way

A MAN who sexually assaulted a woman while he was out collecting money for a Mosque was jailed for 10 months today (Thursday).

Mohammed Nazir Khan, 63, was caught after members of the Luton Moslem community heard about the attack and cornered him when they saw a man matching his description.

Judge Michael Kay QC told him: “It is to the great credit of the local community that not only did they spot you, but they ensured you were arrested.”

Khan, who was of no fixed address, pleaded guilty on the day his trial was due to start at Luton crown court to sexually assaulting the woman on 4 July this year.

He is an overstayer in the UK and is due to be deported back to Bangladesh when he has served his sentence.

The court heard that he was knocked on doors in Luton collecting money during Ramadan for a foreign mosque.

He went into the hallway of the middle aged woman victim and told her she had a lot of nice things. He grabbed her hands and began to kiss her on the left ear. He then kissed her up her right arm and on her chest, said prosecutor Iestyn Morgan.

She told him to stop and tried to get him out of the house. He tried to go upstairs, but she blocked his path and he kissed her chest again. The woman told him to get out and he kissed her again on the ear and chest. When got to the front door he turned to her and said: “One more. One more.”

He was arrested on July 11 after the details of his actions had been put on Facebook.

When questioned he said he only kissed the victim as a gesture of thanks.His barrister Julie Flanagan said: “He apologises for the upset and discomfort he has caused.The judge said Khan should also register as a Sex Offender for 10 years.

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