Video:Fiyaz Mughal Supports Islamist Idea Of Non Democratic Caliphate / Shares Platform With Extremist

Professional Muslim sympathy seeker Fiyaz Mughal of TellMama lets his mask slip in this video where he says “believing in a caliphate” and dissenting from democracy is “not a threat to the state”.

You could have fooled me Mr Mughal. Any kind of push to replace the democratic system we have now, a legal system  laws based on traditional Christian values and British fairness. With some undemocratic religious caliphate and its backwards sharia law. Even the thought of it most certainly is a threat to the states future.

The video was filmed at an event hosted by a well known extremist group IREA. They are a dawah group who sole purpose is to spread Islam. The groups founder is a notorious hate preacher Abdurraheem Green who has called for the extermination of apostates, homosexuals and Jews. He is also a supporter of wife beating saying Islam allows a male Muslim to beat their wives.  At several past iREA events they have enforced sex segregation of the auddience.  You can read more about the extremist group iREA here.

Sat next to Mughal is a member of another Islamist group. The anti-Semitic “Cordoba Foundation” a UK based Muslim Brotherhood front. Cordoba Foundation were recently added to the UAE blacklist alongside ISIS and Al Qaeda for having terrorist links.

Considering Fiyaz Mughal likes to portray himself as a moderate non extremist Muslim as he sells his heavily watered down version of Islam to the public. Now and again he lets slip his real views.

Despite being totally different in tactics. In reality Mughals end goal is no different from that of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Anjem Choudrys mob, Saudi Wahabis or the hate preachers who call for death to Christians and Jews. They all have the same aim which is the implementation of a caliphate. A worldwide Islamic State under Sharia Law and with unelected religious nutters installed as rulers chosen purely on how many thousand times they have read the Koran.

Regardless of what a Muslim tells you or how much they deny it. A world dominated by the all-powerful and conquering Islam is the dream of every single Muslim. It is drummed into their mind from being tiny, that its their destiny for the Muslim caliphate to rise up and rule the world which is exactly what the Koran instructs Muslims to do. There is no doubt ISIS are waging jihad to establish the caliphate. Al Mujideen will glady tell you all day long they will not stop fighting until the black flag is flying above parliament and Buckingham Palace. Tell Mama on the other hand are engaging in a stealth jihad to aid their Islamization. They use islamophobia and play the race card to silence criticism of Islam making it easier for others to infiltrate and our society. Attempting to push Islam and make it part of our daily lives via the back door. Mughal was even quoted in the press recently calling for schools to rebrand ‘british values’ to ‘shared values’

More on Tell Mama below:

TellMamas extremist links – exposing TellMamas founder Fiyaz Mughal and co chair Shahid Malik’s links to various Muslim extremists both in the UK and abroad

Tell Mama – Mughals money making machine. – FOI government funding – Freedom of information response finding out that the taxpayer has funded grants totalling over £750,000 to Fiyaz Mughal

The 3 stages of stealth jihad to take over non Muslim nations. Stages 1 is complete. Stage 2 is well advanced. Mughal is now laying down the foundations for stage 3
The 3 stages of stealth jihad to take over non Muslim nations. Stages 1 is complete. Stage 2 is well advanced. Mughal is now laying down the foundations for stage 3

3 thoughts on “Video:Fiyaz Mughal Supports Islamist Idea Of Non Democratic Caliphate / Shares Platform With Extremist”

  1. Most muslim organisations in the UK supported idea of Islamic State (Caliphate) for decades. In 2010, UK govt was secretly warned of this by Quilliam (see Appendix A of this leaked document

    Fiyaz Mughal’s supposedly moderate organisation Faith Matters supports the banning of Jewish organisations like the Jewish Defence League. Meanwhile, FM opposes the banning of Hizb ut Tahrir, one of the muslim organisations in the forefront of establishing Islamic State.

    UK muslim organisations are mostly followers of Mawdudi, In 2005 BBC exposed that Mawdudi pursued the idea of an Islamic State modelled on the behaviour of Mohammed. He stated this Islamic State would be fascistic.

    Our media and our politicians have known for years (if not decades) what the Islamic State (Caliphate) would be like, and that most muslim groups in the UK support it. We now see with the murdering of homosexuals, and the rape of slaves, that this Islamic State is just as evil as Mawdudi told us it would be.

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