Female Punched And Racially Abused By Muslim Thugs In Lancashire Hate Crime

A lone female in Darwen became a victim of a violent and racist hate attack committed by Muslim thugs. Like so many other followers of the ‘religion of peace’ this pair of rats were quick to resort to violence when their attempt to steal the woman’s purse failed. In true coward nature they resorted to punching her and racially abusing her.

Unfortunately for the British folk of Darwen. This is a glimpse of what the near future holds for them. The Lancashire town has lost its battle against Islamization and heading towards becoming a full on Muslim enclave with it now being a Muslim majority area.

Muslim sympathy seekers, TellMama constantly try to portray the nation as a bunch of racists who target Muslim women. When you look into their claims, it turns out they are mostly name calling and often online. Yet here we have a true racist hate crime which no doubt they will not be pumping it out 24/7 on their social media like they do when a Muslim claims to of been called a name by a schoolboy on the bus. Or when a Muslim woman comes out to her car and the tyre is down, which must mean it has been slashed in an anti Muslim attack

Woman attacked in Darwen attempted robbery

Police would like to speak to two people after Darwen attack
Police would like to speak to two people after Darwen attack Credit: PA

Police would like to speak to two people after a woman was attacked and racially abused during an attempted robbery in Darwen.

Around 7.10pm on December 10, a 45-year-old woman was walking between Priory Drive and Naples Road when she was approached by two males.

One of the males attempted to grab her purse but when he failed he punched her in the face before making a racist comment.

The woman suffered minor facial injuries in the attack before the pair made off onto Priory Drive in the direction of Marsh House Lane.

The first male is described as Asian, aged 15 to 16, 5ft 9in tall, of medium build with a small skinny moustache wearing a dark jacket with a hood.

The second male is described as Asian and around 5ft 9in tall.

Police are appealing to anyone who might recognise the pair to contact officers immediately.

PC David Bowler, of Blackburn Police, said:

“This was a particularly nasty attack and we are seeking to find those responsible.

“I would ask anyone who was in the area at the time or recognises the description of these individuals to contact us.”


Anyone with information can contact police on 101 quoting crime reference ED1516848.

Last updated Fri 18 Dec 2015

2 thoughts on “Female Punched And Racially Abused By Muslim Thugs In Lancashire Hate Crime”

  1. when Will western countries learn to keep these people out let them stay in the middle east and parts of africa then they can just kill maime rape and torture their own people. Its seems all of europ is being infested with these ANT-WESTERN Haters. Why is it law enforcement takes their crimes lightly for fear of being considered racist, WHO CARES IF THEY DO? Is it worth letting good people who are natural born citizens live in fear and let their lives be in jeopardy? In Americapresident obama wants to let un vetted syrians seek refuge in our country we are supposed to be all for this despite the fact that unvetted middle eastern people pose a serious risk to citizens! We have starving poor people who desperately need refuge yet the homeless population grows every day! yest we support refugees and orovide housing medical care food and whatever else they ask onlu for them to turn around and scoff at our western values because its radically different from what Islam teaches.

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