GMP Warn Of Danger To Females: 3 Sex Attacks By ‘Asian’ Taxi Driver In Manchester

Greater Manchester police have warned females on nights out to stick together and avoid getting into random taxis they havent prebooked following 3 separate sex attacks in the space of 4 days.  All three of the sexual assaults happened following the victims getting into what they thought was a legitimate taxi following a night out in the city centre. Only for their journeys to be cut short so the Muslim cab driver could sexually assault his passenger. 

Bootle St   Google Maps
How hard can it be to cross match the cctv images to find the taxi driver responsible


 Greater Manchester police posted on their website:

Three women sexually assaulted by taxi driver

Three women have been sexually assaulted by a taxi driver in Manchester city centre.

The first happened at around 5.15am on Thursday 16 July 2015 when a 28-year-old woman got into what she thought was a taxi after a night out with friends. She got into the silver vehicle in Piccadilly Gardens near to the bus station.She told the man where she wanted to go and he started to drive. He stopped the car near to Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield before sexually assaulting her.

The second took place at around 3am on Saturday 18 July 2015. An 18-year-old woman got into the taxi near to 42nd Street nightclub on Bootle Street and was driven to the Prestwich area where she was sexually assaulted.

The third happened at around 2.45am on Sunday 19 July 2015 when the 23-year-old woman got into the car, possibly a silver Mercedes or similar, on Peter Street, Manchester city centre. He drove towards the Whitefield area before he stopped the car on Phillips Park Road West and sexually assaulted her.

The man is described as being Asian, in his 30’s, possibly wearing glasses and had short dark hair.Detective Sergeant Mark Astbury said: “We are working to establish whether all three incidents are connected or not but clearly this is a worrying set of circumstances. “In all three incidents, the victims have been led to believe they are getting into a genuine taxi before they have been sexually assaulted. I would ask anyone who may have been approached or been a victim to call us as soon as possible.

“Please ensure you use licensed taxi companies by either pre-booking or going to a designated taxi rank. Stay together on a night out, and never get into an unknown car without checking it is a licensed taxi first. If you are unsure, go to a taxi rank, particularly if you are on your own.”

Or better still just give any taxis with a Muslim driver a very wide berth, black cab….. pre-booked minicab…..whatever. Stay safe by eliminating the risk of the deviant Muslim driver  pouncing by not getting in it.

This beast needs taking out of circulation before he has the chance to strike again. 


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