Jihadi Mentor Who Shouldnt Even Be Here Lives Life Of Luxury Fiddling Benefits


Most of us unfortunately have to spend a good deal of time each week working hard just to get by in life. For some it will be back breaking work, others long or unsociable hours. We do whatever it takes to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs.

Then there are those who live the life of luxury by playing the system at the taxpayers expense. Lazy bastards that have never worked nor have any intention to. Never paid a penny into the pot since they arrived in the UK from whichever dump of an Islamic nation they came from. They hate Britain, the British people, our customs and traditions. The only thing they do like is our welfare system that makes them feel like they have won the jackpot every time that giro comes through the letterbox.


One of those repulsive leeches is Hani al-Sibai, a hate preacher connected to the terror group which masterminded the Tunisia terror attack is living off £50,000 a year in benefits in a taxpayer-funded £1million house by abusing the welfare system

The hardcore Islamist by rights shouldnt even be here in the first place having fled a 15-year Egyptian jail sentence using human rights laws to allow him to not only stay in Britain, but take advantage of the welfare system.

He lives with his wife and five children in his leafy West London home in Ravenscourt Park, just a stone’s throw from plush Fulham. The terrorist mentor is often  seen strolling around his neighbourhood, also parks his £16,995 Toyota Corolla Verso outside his posh home.

So while the DWP declare genuinely disabled people fit to work, some how this horrible Muslim is still claiming sick money. They rake in almost double the benefits cap of £26,000 using alleged disabilities to claim extra living allowances which reach about £48,000 a year. He most likely is using the much tried and successful Muslim ploy of evading questions at his assessment with the ‘i dont understand’. The non medially trained interviewer will then just tick the relevant boxes.  Whilst both him and his wife are claiming to be unable to work chances are they are both down as the other ones carer and possibly falsely claiming some of their children are disabled so they can get extra carers allowance bumping their payment up.

You can be sure that now the stories out at some point the hate preacher will need police protection when he gets confronted by disgruntled Brits. So i thought i would have a look at the difference between a police officers pay and the leeches benefit payments.  

Salaries vary between forces but the typical starting salary for police constables in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is £23,317 and £25,962 after initial training. After several years’ experience if your lucky you may get promoted in which case  salary is £36,519 to £41,040 for a sergeant; Still less than the hate clerics 50k pa. A few more years of good conviction rates and possible promotion maybe £46,788 to £50,751 for inspector which will allow a policeman to earn as much as the repulsive blood thirsty mullah 


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