Man Injured In Muslim Committed Hate Attack In Manchester

Another Muslim committed hate crime. A homosexual man on his way home from working at a bar in Manchesters Gay Village was subjected to an unprovoked homophobic attack by a random Muslim thug walking past as  he argued with a taxi driver over the cost. The attack was witnessed by the driver who then just drove off leaving the defenceless bar man on the floor  getting his head kicked in. Chances are the taxi driver was a Muslim also. The victim was left needing hospital treatment.

The attacker must feel like ten men after snipering the bloke on the blind side when he wasn’t expecting it. Typical Muslim cowardice just like the scum who pack attacked the OAP in the previous post

Barman from Manchester’s Gay Village violently assaulted in homophobic attack

A barman working in Manchester’s Canal Street has been violently assaulted and subjected to homophobic abuse as he headed home on Saturday.

Thomas Morris was trying to go home early on Saturday morning after working on a bar on Canal Street.

The 19-year-old said the taxi he was in stopped, as the driver began arguing with him about the fare, at which point a third man, who was walking along the street, began punching him, and shouted homophobic abuse.

After attacking him, the man attempted to steal Morris’ mobile phone, kicking him in the head and body as he lay in the road.

Police are urging anybody with any information to come forward.

The incident took place at around 3am, and following the attack, Morris was taken to hospital for a brain scan, spending more than six hours in A&E.

The attacker, who rode away on a bicycle, is described as Asian, in his late teens and a slim build.

Morris believes the taxi driver witnessed the attack before driving off.


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