‘Skinny Asian’ Pervert In Superman T-Shirt Flashed Two Schoolgirls

Muslim perverts exposing themselves to women and children is something that has featured many times on this site. Unfortunately the  number of the offences appears to be increasing all the time, almost as though its trending amongst the Islamic sexual deviants. Just like grooming gangs, random sex attacks on the streets, in taxis or on board buses, without doubt Muslim males are way over represented amongst the perpetrators. The figures speak for themselves. As a group Muslims make up approximately 5 % of the British population so unless for every Muslim flasher you hear about there are 19 instances of non-Muslims acting in the same perverse way, there can be no denial of that.

This latest islamoflasher case happened during the daytime in an East Grinstead park, Sussex as families enjoyed the sunshine. A sicko wearing a superman t-shirt purposely exposed himself and masturbated to two 14 year olds sitting in the sun.

Muslim pervert exposes himself and masturbates in front of 2 teenage girls at a park in Sussex.
Muslim pervert exposes himself and masturbates in front of 2 teenage girls at a park in Sussex.


A MAN wearing a Superman t-shirt exposed himself and started masturbating next to two teenage girls in an East Grinstead park.

Two 14-year-olds were enjoying the sun in St George’s Field on Friday, April 10, when a man wearing grey jogging bottoms and a branded superhero t-shirt lay down around 10 feet away from them on the grass.

The man then exposed his penis and started rubbing himself in an “up and down motion”.

The girls reported the incident to one of their mothers, who was playing nearby with a younger daughter.

The group then reported the incident to management at the Kings Centre on Moat Road, which leases the land of King Georges Field – and police were called.

The mother said: “It was around 2.30pm on Friday. The girls were sunbathing in leggings and tops when my daughter’s friend said to my daughter, ‘that man’s got his penis out’. At first they thought it was quite funny. But then he started rubbing himself and that’s when they got scared.”

The mother of one of the girls – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said it was obvious that the man wanted the girls to see what he was doing.

She added: “There were other people in the park but the girls said when someone else walked past, he covered himself up. He wanted them to see him pleasuring himself. He was so close they could hear his zip being undone.”

The man is described as being in his late twenties / early thirties, wearing grey jogging bottoms, a Superman t-shirt, with a black jacket or hoodie.

He was also described as small, skinny and Asian looking.


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