Baroness Warsi To Share Platform With Hate Preachers At Extremist Fundraiser

Tory life peer Baroness Warsi shows her  loyalties are to Islamists and not the crown.
Tory life peer Baroness Warsi shows her loyalties are to Islamists and not the crown.


(H/T: Harrys Place)

Muslim peer Baroness Warsi is to share the platform  with radical preachers at an event organised by an extremist Muslim group. On April 3rd in Manchester, dodgy Muslim activist group MEND will be hosting a fundraiser. MEND is the new name for the extremist group Iengage whose guise as a moderates had been seen through by just about everybody. Bringing about a re-branding for the Islamist lobbyists. Since their relaunch MEND submitted the recent Muslim manifesto to parliament with a list of demands for British based Islamists which go against all British values.

No doubt having seen the success that Fiyaz Mughal and his dawah machine TellMama have had at spreading Islam and attempting to stifle free speech. MEND have also been quick to jump on the islamophobia gravy train  since its re-branding. The anti hate crime business is booming at the moment with government funding handed out willy nilly. Yesterday in London, MEND were involved in yesterdays “march against Islamophobia” along with islamofascit group, Islamic Forum Europe who MEND are strongly linked to. As well as leftist controlled Unite the union. Communists from the SWP and their front group UAF.  Islamophobia is a vital weapon in the Muslims arsenal to stifle free speech and criticism level at them.

Extremist guest speakers on the night as you would expect from an islamist group like this include Hamas supporting hate preacher Zahir Mahmood. American Islamist Yasir Qadhi and Abu Eesa who made derogatory comments about females on the occasion of International Women’s Day and told crude“jokes” about women, FGM and rape.

What nice old bunch of chaps for a life peer in the House of Lords to appear alongside. At least we all know for sure now which side of the fence she is really sitting on and her loyalties are with.  This is no different to Nigel Farage being a guest speaker at a National Front Fundraiser alongside Nick Griffin and a kkk member. Imagine the uproar that would create.


Yasir Qadhi, a Memphis Imam based in Tennessee, preaches openly about what Islam truly is. He makes no bones about thinking that anyone other than a Muslim doesn’t deserve anything and are less than Muslims. In fact, part of Yasir Qadhi’s preaching includes rhetoric that says non-Muslims lives are forfeit and their property is legal for Muslims to take in jihad, (and this would include women as sex slaves)  Recently Yasir Qadhi said that “Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims.”He also claims that it is the responsibility of every single human being to bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and him alone.

The extremist hate preacher has sexist views of women, believing that females being oppressed and kept on lockdown in the home is sharias way of protecting the females.

When questioned on Muslim women working he answered

“So if you stick to the sharia, you will keep your honour and dignity and liberty. And if you go beyond the sharia, this is where the wolves and the predators [men] will come and try to get you. So the general rule is that sisters should not work. They should not work because their role is as wives and mothers………We have a job to do and that is to bring about an ummah, to bring about a generation. Men have been assigned a role in that job and women have been assigned a role. It is not fair to compare apples and oranges.”

So the under his view of Islam the womans job is to live as a recluse almost like a slave cooking, cleaning and being a Muslim baby production line.

“Stay at your house. Your food and drink will come to you. What more do you want? Your husband will provide for you all that you need. What more do you want? Instead of looking at it from a negative way, look at from a positive way. You take care of the small, little things of the house, you please your husband, and in return your husband will give you the far more difficult things to do, of earning money and doing this and that.”


Zahir Mahmood has a history of inciting communal division, arguing in his lecture ‘European Depictions of the Prophet’ that the West is “doing what their forefathers have done for over 1,000 years. They have been vilifying, demonising the Muslims, Islam, and especially the prophet”.He also added that “…there has been a deep enmity and a deep history. The only difference today is that they use the spin of freedom of speech”.

In addition to this, he was recorded at a rally for Viva Palestina  (video above) claiming that that “Hamas are not terrorists, they’re freedom fighters” at a rally for Viva Palestina.

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