Islamphobic Petrol Bomb Attack On Mosques Turns Out To Be False


One of the biggest news stories over Christmas was the  fire at a mosque in Eskilstuna, Sweden in which five people were injured. The mainstream media, leftist and Muslim groups around the world couldn’t wait to tell the world that the fire was an islamophic arson attack committed by members of racist far right groups, blaming a rise in anti immigration sentiment by the Swedish public.

The story went global and featured in the press around the world, all of who claimed it was an arson attack. With allegations by those Muslims present that a petrol bomb had been thrown through the window. Muslim residents and religious clerics told how they felt unsafe because of the arson.

Well guess what,…..the petrol bomb which was thrown through the window and started the fire was not a petrol bomb it was actually a deep fat fryer which caused the blaze. Nobody threw anything, it was already inside had been switched on  by a Muslim. Another sympathy seeking taqiyya by the mosque in an attempt to smear those who oppose Islam whilst playing the victim.

Kind of mirrors the so called arson attack at the Somali welfare centre that also was used as an illegal mosque that happened days after Muslims killed soldier Lee Rigby.  Those involved at the mosque claimed to have seen graffiti at the scene saying EDL who were then blamed for the arson attack. 

Heres a few snippets from the media at the time:

BBC NEWS: The incident comes amid a fierce debate in Sweden over immigration policies.The far right wants to cut the number of asylum seekers allowed into Sweden by 90%, while mainstream parties are intent on preserving the country’s liberal policy.”A witness saw somebody throw an object through the window of the building, which serves as a mosque, after which a violent fire began,” police spokesman Lars Franzell told reporters.He said five people were taken to hospital for treatment of injuries ranging from smoke inhalation to lacerations.

GUARDIAN:  Several hundred marchers turned out in a Swedish town on Friday to denounce an arson attack on a mosque that injured five people on Christmas Day as the traditionally tolerant country confronts the rising influence of the extreme right. A firebomb was thrown through a closed window of the mosque in the central city of Eskilstuna on Thursday, injuring five of the nearly 70 worshippers inside, two of whom remained in hospital on Friday

RT:   An arsonist has set a mosque ablaze in the southeastern Swedish town of Eskilstuna. The Christmas Day attack comes amidst heightened anti-immigration sentiment in the country. 

Those above are just the first to come up in an online search which produced 100s of mainstream media news outlets running the same false flag story of a fire bomb attack the mosque. 

How many of those do you think will follow up their original story with a retraction about the arson attack and report that it was actually started by a fat fryer??


Swedish media outlet Local SE reveal the true cause of the mosque fire on Christmas DayDeep fryer started mosque fire: report

Five people were taken to hospital after the fire at a mosque in Eskilstuna. Photo: Pontus Stenberg/TT

Deep fryer started mosque fire: report

Published: 09 Mar 2015 16:52 GMT+01:00

A blaze at a mosque in Eskilstuna in central Sweden that injured five people on Christmas Day was caused not by a firebomb but by an overheated deep fryer, a police source told a local newspaper.

The fire was the first of three conflagrations in the space of a week at mosques across Sweden.

Police initially believed the fire at the Dawa mosque in Eskilstuna was started deliberately and opened an arson investigation.

But a police source told local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren on Monday that the fire had in fact been caused by an overheated deep fryer.

Police in the city would not confirm the report, and said the investigation was still ongoing.

Around 70 people were in the mosque when the fire took hold. Many of them fled through windows to escape the blaze.

The Swedish intelligence service, Säpo, was called in to aid with the investigation amid reports that an arsonist had thrown a burning object into the building.

Anti-racism rallies attracted thousands of people in the days following three fires at mosques in Eskilstuna, Eslöv and Uppsala.

4 thoughts on “Islamphobic Petrol Bomb Attack On Mosques Turns Out To Be False”

  1. The fire investigators in Sweden must be very backward. It is quite easy with modern technology to tell the difference between the volatiles given off by petrol and the oil which is used in cooking. It is also quite easy to locate the origin of the fire. it si hard to believe they have taken over two moths to discover these facts

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