‘Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015’ Computer Game Released



‘Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015’ gives everybody the chance to be a sexual superman just like the Islamic super stud Muhammed. Legend has it that the false prophet of Islam possessed the sexual appetite and staying power of 30 Muslim men.  Like the Muslims of today, he wasn’t that fussy about  where, who with or by what means it came about as long as he fulfilled his sexual urges.



Emulate Muhammed performing in kinds of sexual antics including oral sex, anal sex and a whole range of changeable sex positions with men and animals.


Forget  ‘Call Of Duty”, “Fifa 15” and ‘GTAV’ this is the must have game of the moment.

2 thoughts on “‘Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015’ Computer Game Released”

  1. I pity the makers and the supporters of such garbage. I do however challenge any sane reasonable individual to discuss (that is the civilized way) Islam with me and I can guarantee you will change your mind about the current warped view you have of Islam.

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