Muslim Rap Artist Slammed For Tasteless ‘Paris’ Shirt

A famous German Muslim rapper has been slammed by his own fans for seemingly mocking those killed at the hands of Muslim savages in last weeks Paris massacre. Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi a.k.a Bushido has sold over a million albums in Germany alone

The Islamic rapper took to social media websites uploading a picture of himself in a  shirt with the word ‘Paris’ next to  the Nike logo. The sportswear giant Nike are renowned for the slogan “just do it”. 

Bushido is your typical hate filled Muslim male. His songs are notorious for being misogynistic, homophobic, sexist and violence-glorifying. He is a well known anti Semite and was charged by German police for hate speech.


Translated from German:

“People are shot, he finds it great”

Bushido is reflected in the social networks with "Paris" shirt and clearly ambiguous mail to

Berlin – This post by Bushido is clearly ambiguous.

The week was marked by terror. The whole world looked to Paris, where Islamist bombers 17 people brutally shot.

He shows up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in a sweater with the word “Paris”, the city of the gruesome deeds. He writes the day before the terrorists were caught and shot:

“Soon it’s back around.”

Provided the post with the keywords CCN3 # # ccn3kommtundzerficktsoeinige.


“CCN3” is the new album, the rapper will apply.

His words but you can see also in connection with his outfit and the current events differently.

“You’re so embarrassing” or “Piss off” write some.

And: “The shirt is embarrassing for an integration award winners.”

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Another even asks: “Can someone get out throw from Germany? This is a disgrace to our country. “

With his post he harvests incomprehension among his fans: “There are people shot, and he finds it great!”


One thought on “Muslim Rap Artist Slammed For Tasteless ‘Paris’ Shirt”

  1. i have just finished destroying all my bushido albums and deleting him and his songs off my computer
    i cant believe he the thought it was acceptable to post that picture
    good musician bad human being
    will never listen to him again

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