‘Anti Islamophobic Attack Monitor’ TellMama Linked To Muslim Extremists

TellMama is a UK based ‘anti Muslim hate crime’ monitor run by Mr Fiyaz Mughal OBE founder of Faith Matters which has received a considerable amount of taxpayers money. TellMama are the much cited source in the mainstream media for any figures published regarded as ‘anti Muslim attacks’ . The regular TV appearances and newspaper quotes by Mr Mugal give the impression that they are some kind of legitimate impartial organization.

This post will ask questions of Tell Mamas agenda and integrity by highlighting their alleged:

  • links to British based Islamists,
  • links to terrorist group Hamas and its fundraising front groups,
  • support of British Muslims fighting jihad in Syria,
  • sharing a platform with renowned hate preachers 
  • wishes for a Muslim government here in the UK
  • attempts to outlaw criticism of Islam
  • harassment, smearing and failed attempts in court to silence anti Islam activists

 Like many i have had my suspicions about Mr Mughals ventures as to their true nature and motive. Just over a year ago Kafir Crusaders submitted a freedom of information request about Mr Mughals funding from DCLG which revealed 2009-2013 that FM/TM had received over £750,000 in funding with £397,000 of it specifically designated to the TellMama. (The full FOI reply with funding breakdown here)

A newspaper article revealed that Tell Mama had fabricated attacks against Muslims and Mr Mughals claims of ‘a never ending cycle of violence’ was none existent with the majority of alleged hate crimes little more than online name calling.Government funding to TellMama was then withdrawn due to the fabrication of hate crimes figures TM were putting about.  Fiyaz Mughal / TM then tried unsuccessfully to sue the newspaper.

The High Court judge ruled against him saying ” He has overstated the extent to which violence against Muslims after the murders of Drummer Rigby is a backlash. And he has overstated the position in equating ‘hate inspired by al-Qaeda’ with the ‘thuggery and hate of the EDL’ “

His next appearance in court was equally a failure  Mr. Mughal had originally accused Mr. Tim Burton of “Aggravated Racial Harassment”, a crime for which Mr. Burton was wrongfully arrested and charged with. The judge not only decided to throw the case out of the window but made several accurate points towards the Plaintiff, Mr. Mughal, including stating that he is an individual who is intolerant of criticism to his person and/or his organizations, and also of bullying and harassing his critics. The judge also pointed out to Mr. Mughal that the comments mentioned on the social network twitter were not harassment, least of all “racial”, since Muslims do not form part of any race in particular. [1]

Yet still Tell Mama are  going all out to outlaw any criticism of Islam online. Removing our right to freedom of speech and opinion on Islam by trying to equate religion to race which are two completely different things. You cannot change your race even if you wanted to but Islam is all in the mind. You are free to change your opinion of it any time in a similar way to choosing which football team you support or who you vote for. It is personal choice therefore open to criticism.

Looking into Tell Mama its becoming clear now that they are participating in a stealth jihad. Silencing opposition to Islam only aids islamization.  Tell Mama are not only being used as a source of revenue but also being used as a dawah machine. Islam places great importance on participating in dawah.  Dawah basically is trying to spread Islam. There are different methods of going about it with Mughals method at one end of the spectrum. Operating in the same way as many Muslim Brotherhood front groups by infiltrating society and trying to sell a watered down moderate Islam to the public. To the opposite end of the spectrum where the dawah is more radical by the likes of Jamat e Islami, Hizb ut-Tahrir and Anjem Choudary’s Salafist mob. Despite the completely different methods all dawah has the same goal, spreading Islam with the aim of creating  a Muslim dominated World.

Tell Mama Appoints New Co-Chair Shahid Malik

TellMama co-chair Shahid Malik : “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”

Tell Mama’s new co-chair is  Islamist, Shahid Malik who has links to extremist groups both home and abroad, Malik is the disgraced former Labour MP for Dewsbury who hit the headlines during his time in office for claiming the highest expenses of all MPs.

Over 3 years the taxpayer stumped up  maximum amount allowable for a second home, amounting to £66,827. Despite his ‘second home’  in London he had already purchased some five years before becoming elected for the fee of £80,000. Other taxpayer funded luxuries that Mr Malik was also reimbursed for include a £730 “massage chair”  a £2,600 home cinema system and £510 fitted wardrobe. Malik infamously was filmed boasting about giving taxpayers money in aid to Muslim countries and claimed Muslims were taking over the government.( Video of this further down page)

During his time as MP,  Shahid Malik with his own Muslim Islamist agenda to push was made Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government. At DCLG saw  him take the role of • Preventing Extremism Minister • Community Cohesion & Faith Minister • Race and Migration Minister. As the MP responsible for the department it would be highly likely he would have had some  behind the scenes influence as to where funding and grants were distributed. Especially regarding those designated for community cohesion and faith groups. The category Tell Mama and Faith Matters would fall under.

What a coincidence Mr Mughals ventures Faith Matters and TellMama have benefited from over £750,000 in grants from DCLG. Although most were after Maliks time as minister, the initial grants when Faith Matters/TellMama got their foot in the door were very much when Shahid Malik was DCLG minister.

Tell Mamas website states that  Malik has     “held a number of board positions both as Chairman and non-executive director in the UK and internationally.”

Unfortunately Tell Mama failed to mention where  Malik held these positions or the nature of their business. Curiosity lead me to check with Companies House for his board appointments which revealed only one appointment…….but a very interesting one to say the least.

Shahid Malik


For over four years since 2010  he has been a director of the above company.  Well guess who the one other director in this company is……FIYAZ MUGHAL.... indicating a long history between the two men. While Mughal was coming across whiter than white his business partner and now co chair of TellMama was spending time in the company of serious Islamic extremists.



Malik and the East London Muslim Islamists

It was reported by Trial By Jeory  in 2012 that Shahid Malik took up the position of official advisor to  Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlet’s extremist linked mayor. Mr Rahman is a Muslim never far away from controversy and is strongly linked to the shady Islamist group, Islamic Forum Of Europe, which is effectively the British wing of terror group Jamaat-e-Islami  who previously committed mass genocide in Bangaladesh and whose goal is for the return of the caliphate and an Islamic World.

 Previously i posted regarding a FOI request made to Tower Hamlets Council regarding funding of religious groups. This revealed over Rahmans time as mayor, he has handed over millions to Muslim groups.  Mayor Rahman is currently subject of a government inquiry over allegations of election fraud and dodgy council dealings that benefited people linked to the mayor and IFE.

Stand for Peace reported Azad Ali, a spokesperson for the IFEopposes democracy, “if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia [Islamic religious law].”_ He admits to attending talks by Abu Qatada, the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda in Europe,and has stated that the leader of a prospective Islamist caliphate should be Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas. Ali was also an ardent supporter of the late Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was killed by a US drone strike in 2011.


Calls for a Muslim Parliament in the UK at Extremist hate festival

In the video below is Shahid Malik speaking at the controversial Global Peace And Unity Event in 2008. GPU has come under fire for having well known Muslim hate preachers and prominent Islamists as speakers. Coincidently at the last GPU event in November 2013, the Islamist fuhrer of Tower Hamlets  Lutfur Rahman whom Malik was paid advisor to was one of the speakers.Another of Tell Mamas patrons Kristiane Backer was also a guest speaker at this event sharing the platform with numerous extremists and hate preachers.

GPU was founded by convicted terrorist Mohammed Ali Harrath  CEO of The Islam Channel which has often been criticized for its on air support of Hamas and its hardline wahabbi views. IFE are also connected to GPU listed as supporting organization and are also linked to Harrath/Islam Channel via IFE’s extremist public relations officer Azad Ali who hosts a show on the channel and is part of the Islamist front group Engage which Mohammed Ali Harrath is a trustee and masquerades as a legitimate think tank. Mohammed Ali Harrath is allegedly a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

During his time as International Development Minister Mr Shahid Malik was exposed for having a strong Islamic agenda which clearly prejudiced his ability to not only carry out his ministerial role, but even to serve as an MP at all, some would argue.  Shahid Malik, bragged about the future Caliphate: “the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

The case came to light after he gave a controversial speech in 2008 (seen here in this video), in which he boasted about his “good work” which had enabled him to give away almost a billion pounds of British tax payers money to Islamic countries including Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, (all countries with links to terrorism, Islamic extremism and questionable human rights records), with nearly half the money, some £430 million, going to his own country of origin, Pakistan. The main supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and source of terrorist attacks on British citizens overseas, and in the UK.

It get’s better though. This “unbiased and impartial” Minister also boasted how the number of Muslim MP’s elected would eventually grow to a point where the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

Support Of Hizb Ut Tahir

In this video from a Channel 4 Interview with Dr Abdul Wahid  ( Hizb Ut Tahrir )& Shahid Malik. Malik tells how fundamentalist group Hizb Ut Tahrir should not be banned in the UK by the government.


Links to Hamas and their fundraising front group Interpal

Also of a concern is Mr Maliks links with terrorist group Hamas one of the biggest threats to world peace with their operations in the Middle East and charity Interpal who are on American terrorist lists and proscribed there

A number of Governments have accused Interpal of being part of a terrorist fundraising network that helps to sustain the violent terror group Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians. In 2003, the United States government classified Interpal as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT), stating:

“Interpal, headquartered in the UK, has been a principal charity utilized to hide the flow of money to HAMAS … Reporting indicates that Interpal is the fundraising coordinator of HAMAS. This role is of the type that includes supervising activities of charities, developing new charities in targeted areas, instructing how funds should be transferred from one charity to another, and even determining public relations policy.”

Australia followed suit and designated Interpal, along with six other charities, as a terrorist organization. The Canadian Government has also cited Interpal as a Hamas front. An Israeli investigation into a 2002 Interpal trustees report noted that every one of Interpal’s ‘local partner’ charities within the Palestinian territories is “affiliated with Hamas or works on its behalf, not only with regard to humanitarian issues but as part of its terrorism


Here is a photograph of Shahid Malik with leading Hamas politician, Ahmad Al-Kurd

(from: Harrys Place )

Here is a photograph of Shahid Malik with leading Hamas politician, Ahmad Al-Kurd

Prime Minister of the Hamas government in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh said Monday that he was proud and thankful for the support of international activists, who arrived in Gaza Sunday with the European aid convoy Miles of Smiles.

Former British minister of international development, Shahid Malik, who arrived with Miles of Smiles, described the Palestinian people and its leaders as a great example to be followed.

Interpal banners can been seen in both pictures have been designated by the US government as terrorist fundraisers


In this picture along with Tell Mama co-chair Malik, you can also see the leading Muslim Brotherhood member and a convicted terrorist Mohammed Ali Harrath, and Essam Mustafa, a major figure in Hamas’ UK operation.
Support for Western Muslim Jihadists In Syria
Speaking at the 14th Doha Forum in Qatar, a state heavily in implicated in funding ISIS and other jihad groups fighting in Syria and Iraq. The Tell Mama co-chair spoke of Muslims from the UK and other western countries going to Syria to become jihadists for terrorists such as ISIS. 

 Mr Malik equated them with those who went to fight against fascism in the Spanish civil war in 1939. He pointed out that while the government did not want them to go, there was no issue when they returned. Those volunteer fighters were now seen as heroes and freedom fighters, he said. ”The point I was making is that we should not jump to conclusions that the young people who want to fight are extremists,” he said.

He is right they are not all just extremists, many are much worse they are full blown blood thirsty murdererers


 Cordoba Foundation, [2]

Fiyaz Mughal has written articles for the anti-Semitic “Cordoba Foundation” a UK based Muslim Brotherhood front. Cordoba Foundation were recently added to the UAE blacklist alongside ISIS and Al Qaeda for having terrorist links.

fiyaz mughal extremist

Online Harrasment  [3]

@debatingculture is an associate of Mr Mughal whose website shares the same address as where donations to TellMama are sent. Here he can be seen threatening Mrs Shitrit, whom Mr Mughal unsuccessfully tried to sue


Mr. Mughal also threatened to sue Mr. Atma Singh for “libel” when Mr. Singh mentioned that “Tell Mama UK provides a platform for Fascism”.

Again, an innocent man threatened with “libel” for simply telling the truth. Mr. Singh was once the adviser to Mr. Ken Livingstone.

Here are some of the exchanges between them. Note that Mr. Singh did not tag anyone, but Ms. Lejla Kuric , who is a Muslim supporter of Tell Mama UK, promptly tagged them for some “support”.

Here we see Ms. Lejla Kuric and Mr. Fiyaz Mughal using Tell Mama UK twitter, stealthily threatening Mr. Atma Singh. You can hardly miss it. These people like to dramatize things to such an extreme as to make a storm in a glass of water.



And as Mr. Singh mentioned, they did have a big fight in their hands. Mr. Mughal was unable to take Mr. Singh to court so far, but that still did not stop him trying to intimidate, harass and attempt to sue others, all of which he has failed.

Another example is Ms. Sheryl McNaught. Mr. Mughal also tried to sue Ms. McNaught for alleged “libel” when she mentioned that “he was suing Jews”. Once more, another innocent woman being threatened with “libel” for simply telling the truth.

Why are TellMama still being given the time of day ????


Further Reading:

Tell Mama Regurgitate The Same Story



Sources [1] [2] [3] from JDL website

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