Video: Tommy Robinson Speaking At The Oxford Union -A Must Watch

I highly recommend watching Tommy Robinson’s eye opening speech he gave at the exclusive Oxford Union Society in the heart of the world famous university. The union has an unparalleled reputation for international guests and speakers. Notable past speakers have included the likes of Winston Churchill, Ronald Regan, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama and countless other instantly recognizable names.

Despite attempts to silence him from those who didn’t want his story told as people might begin to hear the truth first hand instead of through a biased media who distort the truth to suit the authorities agenda for community cohesion reasons. Tommy told his story about the things that were going on around him and why the EDL formed. A fantastic job he did of it also. Even after being told he couldn’t talk about certain things or he would be called back to jail as a breach of his licence. He highlights the appeasement of Muslim extremists by authorities, the vendetta of the police against him, the constant threats to him and his family, Islamic extremists in the community, his dislike for nazis and constant fight to rid them from the EDL.

Most importantly he dismisses the myth that people who oppose the extremist ideology of political Islam are fascists. 

If you think police stitch ups, collusion, 2 tier justice and silencing of people only happened in corrupt or oppressive places like Iran, or communist nations then think again. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Love him or hate him nobody can deny the fact that the unsavoury actions by Muslims that are todays newspaper headlines. Tommy and the EDL were talking about and trying to bring to peoples attention five years ago. If people had listened then instead of dismissing him as a fascist because communist numpties like Weyman Bennett said he was.

Anybody can put a front group together and use a name the makes them sound half respectable or an authority on certain subjects. All these anti fascist/racism groups such as Unite Against Fascism, Hope Not Hate, Tell Mama as well as the so called experts that all put Dr in front of there names, Matthew Goodwin and Chris Allen for example who are often quoted in the media. All get paid well to slag the EDL and Tommy Robinson off, branding them nazis or fascists. They need to stir things up and make people dislike them to justify their very existence. No fascists = No Funding = No Job. So with a severe lack off real fascists to oppose they have to start inventing them, branding anybody who doesn’t follow the same communist ideology as them. Suppressing the truth, telling lies to blacken other peoples reputation and creating an unwarranted element of fear. Even stooping as low as to defend Muslim grooming gangs and chant Allah Akbar alongside the now banned group Muslims Against Crusades in the case of the UAF. Or posting pictures of random EDL members at a rally with comments such as “this man just punched a woman” like HnH’s Matt Collins has done.

These people are not what they claim to be, unfortunately a lot of people take what they say at face value. They don’t care about community relations. Only lining their own pockets even if it means falsely branding people with genuine concerns as Nazis , fascist or racists. 

If your one of those who listened to the far left appeasers of Islam or Muslim apologists and think that Tommy and the EDL are just racists out to cause trouble. Then watch the video and see if you think the same afterwards. Nobody is asking you to agree with their views only understand where they are coming from.

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