Tell Mama Regurgitate The Same Old Rise In Anti Muslim Hate Crime Story

Different day, same old story from TellMama as they regurgitate their sympathy seeking  ‘rise in anti Muslim hate crimes’ story. This can only mean one thing…..Muslims are in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Every time something happens and Muslims are getting bad publicity you can be certain the Islamic dawah machine of Tell Mama and its head taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal will pop up with the same story attempting to repair the PR damage the latest heinous act has caused. Lee Rigbys savage murder in Woolwich, the Kenya Mall massacre, Rotherham grooming gang scandal, Muslims trojan horse attempting to take control of schools……its always the same.

Now lets see………here we go……Sydney cafe siege by a Muslim extremist resulting in  the death of hostages…….Policeman killed in America by a Muslim shouting Allah Akbar…….ISIS and its British terrorist recruits committing monstrous acts of mass genocide and taking women, girls and female infants as sex slaves……….jihadist lone wolf attacks in France……schoolchildren butchered in their classrooms by Muslim fundamentalists in Pakistan.

Cant have people getting a bad impression and seeing Muslims in their true light can we. They are the religion of peace after all. This calls for Islamic superheros Tell Mama and their fabricated figures to save the day, Out they roll Fiyaz Mughal to tug on the nations heart strings. Distorting the truth and picking bits of facts that suits the Islamic agenda best, trying to turn the aggressors into poor victims.

What Mr Mughal omits is that it is not only anti Muslim hate crime figures that are up. All hate crime figures have risen. None more so than attacks against the Jewish community,of which most anti Semitic Muslims and socialists are responsible for.

What is actually recorded as a hate crime also varies depending on your race and religion. It also seems hate crimes against white British Christians don’t count either, almost as though reverse racism doesn’t happen. For example Mr Mughal and his Muslim group consider online comments and even criticism of Islam as Islamophobic hate crimes. Which they then try to get the police and cps to take the matter further. Over half of TellMamas alleged ‘never ending cycle’ of Islamophobic attacks were of this nature. Many were comments that were not threatening anybody or anything malicious and most non Muslim people would call having an opinion.

Other so called Islamophobic hate crimes Tell Mama have cited in the past were things like a 12 year old boy putting ham on his Muslim neighbours door. Or a hit and run that because it was a Muslim knocked over and a white man driving the car, automatically makes it Islamophobic.

So had Tommy Robinson been a Muslim, the 50 plus online threats to his life or harming his family that he gets every week. Would all be considered as serious hate crimes and robustly followed up. In fact i receive a couple a week myself that by TellMama’s standards would be classed a hate crime.

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Pushing the Islamic agenda:  Fiyaz Mughal from the discredited TellMama

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes On Rise, Says Charity

Campaigners say the number of Muslim women reporting hate crimes in Britain has risen over the past two years.

05:31, UK,Monday 29 December 2014

Play video “Muslim Women On Abuse”

Video: Muslim Women On Abuse

The number of Muslim women reporting hate crime has risen by up to 10%, according to a UK charity.

TELL MAMA, a national project measuring anti-Muslim incidents, has told Sky News that over the last 18 months they have seen a 5-10% increase.

The number of women wearing the niqab, the face veil, and reporting hate crime has also doubled in the last two years.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of TELL MAMA, says it is not clear whether incidents are rising or reporting of the problem is getting better.

“Over the last two years our data has shown that women suffer more incidents of hate and they also suffer more aggressive incidents of hate,” she said.

Play video “Targeted For Wearing A Veil”

Video: Targeted For Wearing A Veil


“The veil seems to delegitimise the sense of femininity of that person in the eyes of the perpetrator.

“It seems to become something they become fixated upon rather than the individual, the female behind the veil.”

Research has shown that Muslim women are subjected to “opportunistic” verbal or physical attacks, mostly by men, on the street.

Yasmeen Khalid, 21, from Bromsgrove, says she has always faced abuse, but the problem has become worse in recent months.

She says out of 30 different hate crime incidents, she has only ever reported two, and admits wearing a hijab has made her a target.

“By looking, they instantly know I’m Muslim… sometimes people call me a terrorist, sometimes they say ‘Paki’, sometimes someone has called me ‘Taliban’ or stuff like that,” she said.

“Sometimes I walk off humiliated – I shouldn’t be humiliated but I am humiliated.

“Sometimes I speak up, sometimes I just cry, go away somewhere, and cry because I don’t know what to do.”

Fiyaz Mughal, from the TELL MAMA campaign, says there’s “been an enormous shift in the language of anti-Muslim hate. International and national incidents create differences in the way narratives are set.”

Shalina Litt, from Birmingham, has been the victim of racist abuse on the street while wearing the hijab or niqab.

“Actually we are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters,” she said.

“I really just hope that any mothers, any daughters etc., can speak to their sons and say actually it’s not right and we do need to change how we approach this.”

The TELL MAMA project highlights there is still “substantial under reporting” by the Muslim community about hate crime.

Part of their approach involves working with different agencies through community outreach and education.

4 thoughts on “Tell Mama Regurgitate The Same Old Rise In Anti Muslim Hate Crime Story”

  1. The hijab is like their flag, I am Muslim I am special is what they are saying. If you set yourself apart and especially if you appear to be aligned to a movement which is creating havoc and killing Christians all over the world, do not be shocked if you are abused.

  2. We are asked to speak to our Sons and let them know it’s wrong to say “Racist” remarks to Hijab wearers. I do agree, but what about Muslim women speaking to their Sons and Husbands about the massive amount of “Sexual and Violent” attacks on our women and Children? I would rather be called names, than Raped or Scarred!

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