Somalian Immigrants Attack Innocent Couple With Chains

Somalian immigrants leave their uncivilized, violent homeland moving to Western nations where they live off welfare benefits whilst running amok attempting to turn the place into an uncivilized, violent place like back home. The ‘religion of peace’ at it worst. The filth of humanity whose larger than average sized heads contain a tiny pea sized brain. 

Translated from:

Couple on their way from the Christmas party was beaten by gang

beaten womanDENMARK / street violence A young Danish couple in Copenhagen, Nanna Skovmand and her partner Mads, was on his way home from Christmas celebrations with family, then they completely unprovoked, assaulted by a gang of teenage boys. Nanna and Mads beaten rough, including bottles and chains.

Nanna Skovmand and her partner Mads had celebrated Christmas with Mads family. Shortly before midnight, they were on their way home. They had taken a taxi to Enghave Plads in Vesterbro district, and from there they had only about 100 meters to go to his apartment on Kongshöjgade. During the short walk suddenly appeared a young man on a bicycle up and was no reason aggressive towards the couple.

The youth will repeatedly have screamed ” What you staring at? Do you have problems? “. Finally asked Mads him what he wanted. This prompted the youth to become even more aggressive. He jumped off the bike, rushed forward to Mads, and hit him in the head with a bottle.

At the same time came a bunch of young guys, probably friends of the guy on the bike, running from a basement. The gang went on the attack against Mads. He was beaten to the ground, and received several kicks as he lay down. Several of the guys in the gang was armed with the kind of chains you use to unlock bikes and mopeds, and used them as weapons.

Mads shouted at Nanna to run away, but she was afraid that the gang would kill Mads. She tried to get the guys to stop mistreating Mads, but then became himself attacked. She was pushed to the ground and received several blows with chains on his face. Only when Nanna lay bleeding on the ground left the violent gang scene.

Both Nanna and Mads were taken to hospital. Mads had, fortunately, managed to protect his head as he lay on the ground. He fared therefore no serious injuries, although he had some bruising after blows and kicks. But for Nanna went the worse. She received several blows with chains on his face. This resulted, inter alia, that her upper lip splitting open. The lip had to be sewn with 16 stitches, and Nanna now forced to wear a patch for a year ahead to avoid permanent scarring.

Nanna and Mads have stated that all of the gang who attacked and beat them looked to be of foreign origin.They have been able to provide more detailed descriptions of two of the young thugs:

Perpetrator 1 is probably 16-17 years old and looks to have Somali origin. He was at the time wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt and white sneakers.

Perpetrator 2 is probably 16-17 years old and looks to have Somali origin. He was at the time wearing a black jacket, white hoodie, light jeans and dark shoes.

Copenhagen Police said the other day that the gang who abused Nanna and Mads had not been identified or apprehended. Anyone who has witness statements or information to submit about the abuse or wanted offenders are asked to contact the Danish police.

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