Video: Racist Muslim Girls Abuse British Woman Calling Her ‘White Slag’ On London Underground

The video(below) shows two female Somalian Muslims verbally abusing two female Brits one of whom is pregnant on a London tube train.  During the abuse and intimidation by the Muslim loud mouths, they racially abuse the women calling one of them a white slag. 

The original poster who filmed the incident made it clear that he himself is a black man and couldn’t believe the racist comments being made by the two Somalian Muslims

Around this time three years ago a similar video surfaced on the internet and went viral causing much hysteria from the far left and anti racism front groups demanding the person involved be hunted down by police and hauled before the courts. There was a great deal off national media attention at the time. The offender was found,charged with race hate crimes and remanded into custody when the police, cps and magistrates crumbled to the leftists pressure.

The difference is that the offender then was a white English woman named Emma West. Jailed for a drunken rant on a train. This time the offenders are to Muslims and the victim of this race hate crime a white British woman.

Do you think the police will go all out to find and bring the two Muslim racists before the bench like they did in the case of Emma West…….Not a chance!!

3 thoughts on “Video: Racist Muslim Girls Abuse British Woman Calling Her ‘White Slag’ On London Underground”

  1. To be honest there is so much bad language being thrown about that neither side comes out of it looking good. It is hard to tell the original provocation or who started it. I am not standing up for the Muslims at all but i think a more dignified response from the white girls would have been a better response

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