Video: On Patrol with Indonesia’s Sharia Police Where Stupidity Rules Over Sense

Any liberal/leftists/communist types who keep trying to portray political Islam as merely a peaceful religion no different to the likes of Christianity. Or those who think that there is  room for any parts of sharia law to work in our civilized Western nations. Then i suggest you watch and learn from this video by Journeyman Pictures !!

Sharia is barbaric, cruel, outdated, immoral and discriminates against women and non Muslims. Its little wonder 3rd World  Muslim nations are seen as a bit backwards with sharia being stuff from the dark ages. The religious police here are no different than Hitler’s Nazi SS or Stalin’s communist KGB enforcing rule by fear and oppression 

After 26 years of rebel conflict and the legacy of a devastating tsunami, Islamic fundamentalism is the new force gripping the residents of Aceh. This report gets rare access to the sharia enforcers of Indonesia.

In a desperate bid to reduce government-rebel tensions, Islamic Sharia law was implemented in the Indonesian province of Aceh in 2001. Now islamofascist Captain Ibrahim Latif is in control of a sharia police department that searches, raids and publicly shames anyone deemed to be flouting the Islamic code.

“The caning doesn’t hurt, but it does shame”, he says of the public whippings carried out, mainly on single women who have acted non-conservatively. “The real Islamic punishment for sex between a married man and a married woman is to be buried in a road” he says, and Latif is hopeful that this ‘eye for an eye’ style of policing will discourage more serious problems,

Speaking about a female who was gang raped by 8 men and a boy, The rape  apologist said of the victim “She didn’t ask them to do it, but she encouraged it because she was wearing super-sexy clothes”, he explains of the gang rape.” Is it any wonder Muslim immigrants are committing large scale rape jihad on out streets?? 

Under his jurisdiction, the rape victim will be caned for provoking the attack. Living in this climate has forced even devout Muslims to reconsider their freedom. “We can’t be as free as we would like to be” says a woman who evades the police through an underground network. “I’m angry. What can I do?”

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