Police Called To South Shields Mosque After Two Groups Of Muslims Kick Off With Each Other

When there is a lack of non Muslims to vent their anger at. Volatile Muslims will very easily explode in rage at each other turning their places of worship into the battlefield. 

Police called as row breaks out at South Shields mosque

POLICE were called to a mosque in South Tyneside yesterday after two rival factions became embroiled in an angry dispute.

From early afternoon, there were chaotic scenes inside the Jam-E-Masjid mosque in Baring Street, South Shields.

A delegation of more than a dozen Muslim men, including members of a new committee at the mosque, confronted the building’s landlords, and the police had to intervene to calm the dispute between the two factions.

For more than an hour, the larger group remained in the place of worship, with a spokesman saying they were prepared to “stay all day and night” until they got answers.

At one point, there was a heated verbal exchange between members of the two factions but there were no reports of violence, and the group eventually left the mosque peacefully.
Abdul Rob Mohammed, a member of the new committee, formed earlier this month, said: “The mosque was formed in 2005 as a place of worship. We feel we are being forced out.”

A police spokesman said: “At 1.02pm on Friday, the police received a report of a dispute at a mosque in Baring Street, South Shields.

“Officers attended, and the dispute was resolved.”

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