Mohammed Abubokkor Says Sex Attacks Were Because He Was Drunk And Gets Suspended Sentence

As you most likely know already, Islam strictly forbids Muslims drinking alcohol The slightest drop is a big no no and definitely considered non halal. Still that didn’t stop Muslim sex offender Mohammed Abubokkor  from Sunderland claiming the two sex attacks he committed on random females were because he was drunk after drinking vodka. Not only one bottle of vodka did he drink either, Abubokkor seemingly has a liver made of lead, claiming he drank 2 or 3 bottles of vodka. Enough to put even a hardened drinker on their back before committing his vile sex attacks. 

Unfortunately the Magistrates seemingly bought his story, giving him the all to familiar suspended sentence which Muslims seem to keep receiving for crimes most people would get jailed for. Being drunk and having little memory of your actions is not and never should be an excuse to justify perverted behaviour. Millions of people go out drinking every week without acting on their deviant sexual urges so why couldn’t  Mohammed Abubokkor do the same.

Sunderland man groped girl and woman after getting drunk on vodka

A MAN groped a teenage girl before fleeing into a games hall where he targeted a woman.

Mohammed Abubokkor had drunk “two or three” bottles of vodka when he decided to go out for the evening, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

“He went with a friend to Mowbray Park,” said Glenda Beck, prosecuting. “They sat down on a bench either side of two young girls.

“Abubokkor put his arm around one of the girls and squeezed her breast.

“He kissed her on the neck and tried to put his hand down her front.

“Both girls got up and left.”

The court heard Abubokkor was later tracked on CCTV leaving the park towards Fawcett Street.

“He entered the MFA Bowl,” added Ms Beck. “Among the customers was a woman playing pool.

“Abubokkor approached her. He showed her his passport as proof of age – she was later able to recall the name on it.

“As she bent over the table to take a shot, Abubokkor approached her from behind and put his hands on her crotch and buttock.

“Both victims were later able to pick him out of an identity parade.”

Abubokkor, 25, of Leamington Street, Barnes, Sunderland, admitted two charges of sexual assault on July 28.

The court has told he has previous convictions for being drunk and disorderly, but no convictions for sexual offences.

Chris Wilson, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Abubokkor was very drunk and genuinely has little memory of that night.

“While these were unpleasant offences for the victims, there is nothing to suggest he is a predatory or dangerous sex offender.

“He made some very poor errors of judgment that night which will have consequences.

“There has already been an impact in that social services are not happy with Mr Abubokkor living with his brother, because his brother has children.”

Abubokkor was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, and 120 hours of community work.

Magistrates ordered him to pay £300 compensation to each victim.

Abubokkor must register as a sex offender for seven years.


One thought on “Mohammed Abubokkor Says Sex Attacks Were Because He Was Drunk And Gets Suspended Sentence”

  1. No doubt he was exaggerating. Anybody who drank one bottle of vodka would be really incapable of anything much, two he would be unconscious and three bottles would kill most people.
    As a Muslim he should also be unused to strong drink!.

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