Reading Rape Jihad: Pervert Targeted 5 Different Women In 45 Minutes

A serial sex pest is on the loose in Reading putting females in danger until he is caught. The rape jihadist targeted five different females within the space of an hour during the evening rush hour. Where most sex offenders would strike and then make haste to avoid being caught by police. This repulsive sex fiends hard faced nature moving on to another target instead makes him even more a threat


Five women targeted in sex attacks over just 15 minutes

6 Dec 2014 15:30

A man who groped three women in attacks within fifteen minutes of each other is being hunted by police.

The man is also wanted for following two other women and making sexually suggestive remarks to them
The man struck as the five women walked home in and around the Coley Avenue area of Reading between 6pm and 6.45pm on Thursday night.
The same man is being sought by detectives after a woman was “inappropriately touched” in Broad street Mall last Sunday.
A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said the the five women were targeted by the man on Thursday night in Coley Avenue, Bath Road and Upcross Garden, all with a few hundred metres of each other.
The spokesman said: “The man is described as Asian, in his 20s, 5ft 8ins and with thick dark hair.
“He was wearing grey jogging bottoms and a dark jacket.
“A previous incident of inappropriate touching within Broad Street Mall, reported on Sunday, November 30, is being linked by police to the above incidents.”
That man was described as a fair-skinned Asian man, aged in his 20s, with short black hair. He was wearing light blue faded jeans and a distinctive black baseball cap with the words I (love heart) haters, on it.
Detective Sergeant Matthew Fear said: “We are linking these incidents as the description and the incidents were very similar. He was walking up to women and either following them or making sexual suggestions. In some cases he touched the women inappropriately.”
“We would urge people to be vigilant especially in these dark early evenings and also encourage anyone who sees anyone answering this description acting suspiciously to call us.”


3 thoughts on “Reading Rape Jihad: Pervert Targeted 5 Different Women In 45 Minutes”

  1. In the USA the elite-owned media, many of whom want the West enslaved by tyrannical elite forces, are using barbarians of all types to assist with dividing and conquering the people and cultures that created Western countries.

    In the USA our traitors and their lackey assistants are allowing millions of 2nd- 3rd-world barbarians to invade the USA across our lengthy southern border. The lap-dog lackey politicians use taxpayer wealth to import barbarians from Africa and the mid-east, many of them Moslem filth, to further divide and conquer We, the People.

    People of the West… tyranny is rising and barbarians are multiplying within our lands. I fear that total war against the tyrants, their many lackeys and their barbarian tools may be the only way to prevent a New Dark Age from enveloping us. We will use every peaceful method possible to preserve our beloved Western ways of life but if war is the only option let’s be prepared and make it decisive to the point that no tyrants or barbarians will ever consider exposing themselves to our fearsome wrath.

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