Two Men Given Hefty Fines For Anti ‘Bolton Mega Mosque’ Facebook Comments


Two men have been given substantial fines after being prosecuted for comments they made on ‘Stop The Astley Bridge Mosque’ Facebook page. A further illustration of the two tier British justice system in place. The two men were fined £600 plus costs for their comments, made in the heat of the moment. As foolish as they were making comments about bombing the mosque and they hope it burns down. The fine seems every excessive as though the authorities are trying to make an example of them to silence all opposition to the mosque.

If the two men had of been Muslims, do you honestly think they would of received the same hefty fine?? Would they have even been prosecuted?? I doubt that very much. Facebook is full of Muslims making offensive comments in support of ISIS  terrorists and jihad. Yet they are not hauled before the courts.

Are stupid comments about a mosque that hasn’t even been built yet, more severe than say Mohammed Akbar Ali beating up his 18 year old deaf ex girlfriend because she refused his sex demands, which was posted a couple of days ago. Where he beat her up and hospitalized her but was only given a community order  which is basically being told ‘to behave yourself or else’ and had to pay £100 . Hurting Muslims feelings on Facebook by objecting to their cults stealth jihad  must now be a more serious offence than causing physical hurt by violence

The approved planning application for the controversial mega mosque on Blackburn Road, Bolton has caused  outrage amongst Bolton’s dwindling non-Muslim residents at the further Islamization of their town. Despite a huge number of objections to the dominating Islamic command and control centre, the Muslim appeasing council still granted planning permission. This coming only months after granting an application for another controversial mosque only a couple of miles away in Farnworth.

Literally a stones throw away from the mosque site is another large mosque that despite a large car park still causes traffic bedlam in the surrounding areas during prayers. The images below show just how close these two large Islamic buildings will be.

Google Maps 2014-07-04 19-28-47

Below shows the other large mosque already in use within a two minute walk of the Astley Bridge mega mosque siteMasjid-e-noor-ul-islam - Google Maps 2014-07-04 19-34-00

The Labour Party run local council certainly has a pro Muslim bias. My past FOI request to Bolton Council revealed that whilst making cuts to many local services, they were bankrolling Bolton Council Of Mosques handing out to them over a million pounds worth of grants to them for the benefit Muslims only.

In gives me little pleasure in saying that this could be the end of Bolton as we know it as it is rapidly descending into a Muslim ghetto similar to what happened in Dewsbury with the Savilletown mosque being the final nail in their coffin.

Not only do the people in Bolton have the dhimmis from the council aiding Muslims stealth jihad in their town. It would appear that the police are also only to happy to come out defending Muslims threatening arrests over Facebook comments 

 Det Insp Charlotte Cadden said: “It is becoming a regular trend for people to think they can make racially offensive comments online and get away with it – but they can’t, and these convictions show that.”

Racially offensive !!!!! Since when has Islam been a race ?? Islam is nothing to do with anybodies skin colour. Islam like all ideology’s is inside peoples minds. Which unlike the colour of peoples skin they are free to change their opinion at any point if they wanted to. Equally as Muslims are free to make up their own mind if they think Islam is the bees knees, we are also all free to choose to think Islam is the most vilest thing to ever be invented.


An artist's impression of the new mosque planned in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge
Planned mega mosque for Astley Bridge in Bolton


Men fined £600 for threatening to ‘torch’ and ‘blow up’ Astley Bridge mosque on Facebook

Bolton News

TWO men have been convicted of making Facebook threats to “torch” and “blow up” a proposed new mosque in Astley Bridge.

Police arrested both men for posting offensive messages on the Stop The Astley Bridge Facebook page, which has since been taken down. Leon Richmond, aged 18, wrote on the page that he would not be bothered if the mosque was built as he would “blow it up” himself. 23-year-old Darren Hubble posted: “Bolton people say no, Wigan says not a chance, I’ll torch the place if I get half the chance”.
The posts related to the plan to build a large new mosque building in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge.The plans, submitted by Taiyabah Islamic Centre, include a dome, minaret tower and 19 classrooms. They have prompted protests by objectors in the lead-up to the planning meeting on July 3, and protestors shouted abuse at councillors as the proposals were approved.

Det Insp Charlotte Cadden said: “These messages were not only extremely offensive but made very serious threats to cause damage.

“It is becoming a regular trend for people to think they can make racially offensive comments online and get away with it – but they can’t, and these convictions show that.

“I would warn anyone that making vile comments on social media carries just as much a risk of conviction as sending an abusive letter.

“We will pursue anyone posting such threats and work to bring them to justice.”

Richmond, of Whalley Avenue, Bolton, and Hubble, of Orrell Hall Close, Wigan, both pleaded guilty to the charges, which related to the period between May 19 and June 19 this year.

They admitted making Facebook entries to the Stop The Astley Bridge Mosque page, which were indecent or grossly offensive for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety. Both men were fined £600 when they appeared before magistrates in Bolton on Wednesday, as well as being ordered to pay £145 costs.Cllr Guy Harkin, who represents Crompton, the ward where the mosque is planned, said: “There has been a lot of prejudice and nastiness going around and that is very regrettable.

“But the good thing is that this is just two people out of a huge population.

“You are bound to get a small number of lunatics in any society.

“They seem to think that social media is outside the law and say things on there they would soon be arrested for if they said them in a pub or supermarket.”

3 thoughts on “Two Men Given Hefty Fines For Anti ‘Bolton Mega Mosque’ Facebook Comments”

  1. Did the muslims who were so traumatised get cookies and hot chocolate? Poor things. Did the pm lay with them and stroke their hair until they fell asleep?

    This is going to back fire on muslims who complain about petty things while ignoring the reasons they have a nasty reputation. Reasons not excuses. They should do more to improve their relationship with everyone else not encourage non sense investigations and getting people arrested or fined. English people are like the native americans, but no one would call Geronimo a racist.

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