Mohammed Akbar Ali Bashed His Deaf Teen Girlfriend Over Lack Of Sex

From the north coast of Scotland to the south coast of Cornwall, Muslims are committing violent and sexual crimes against women and schoolgirls.

Mohammed Akbar Ali of Camborne assaulted teenage partner over lack of sex

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: November 27, 2014



A FATHER assaulted his deaf teenage partner after claiming they were not having enough sex.

At Truro Magistrates’ Court Mohammed Akbar Ali, 26, living at an address in Basset Street, Camborne, pleaded guilty to assaulting Emily Rose George at St Austell on July 6.

Gail Hawkley, for the prosecution, said he and the profoundly deaf 18-year-old victim had a six-month-old child and were living in emergency accommodation at the Queen’s Head Hotel in St Austell at the time of the offence.

After going out together when he drank more than her, he began complaining that they did not have enough sex.

He did not accept her claim that she was tired due to looking after the baby, and told her she was boring.

He pushed her in the face, causing her to scream out for help and fall back on the bed, before pushing him off her.

When he realised she had called the police he climbed out through a window.

In hospital, Ms George had a large lump on her forehead, and grazing, reddening and swelling to her nose.

Ali told the police that after sexual activity Ms Rose had lunged at him, and said he caused her injuries in self-defence.

He claimed she had punched and kicked him.

“Something kicked off, I can’t think quite what,” he said. “I think it was about sex, and she just went for me, I defended myself.”

Ali was given a 24-month community order with requirements for alcohol specified activities and building better relationships.

A restraining order was made to protect the victim and he had to pay her £100 compensation.


6 thoughts on “Mohammed Akbar Ali Bashed His Deaf Teen Girlfriend Over Lack Of Sex”

  1. It may be acceptable in Muslim culture to batter your girlfriend / wife over any mis-behaviour you perceived on their behalf, but Western culture does not accept this violent behaviour against women.
    It’s time that violent men adapt and live according to the laws of the country they reside in.
    What this man did is totally disgusting and thank god the poor girl had some sort of recourse in our country – even if it was a pathetic sentence for the crime committed!

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