Muhyadeen Osman Wanted For Raping Girl, 16, In Manchester

Don’t be fooled by Muhyadeen Osman’s picture into thinking his youthful appearance also means he is all sweet and innocent. He is quite the opposite in fact. Like so many of his Muslim brothers he is a vile rapist that thinks its his right to have sex with any female he chooses if she wants to or not. As the Islamic book of evil has been wrongly influencing Muslims to do so for the last 1500 years.

Beasts like Osman should be given compulsory chemical castration alongside a prison sentence to ensure he can never do it again upon release as he will still be of the same mindset. You have more chance of getting blood out of a stone, than the pervert out of the Muslim.

Pictured: Muhyadeen Osman, wanted in connection with rape of 16-year-old girl in Manchester

Nov 19, 2014 18:49  By Katie Storey  M.E.N

Muhyadeen Osman

Police have issued the image of a man who is wanted in connection with a rape in south Manchester.

Muhyadeen Osman, 19, is wanted in connection with the rape of a 16-year-old girl in the Victoria Park area on Friday August 9 last year.

It is believed Osman has links to the Rusholme and Fallowfield areas.

Anyone with information can call the Serious Sexual Offences Unit on 0161 856 1911 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

5 thoughts on “Muhyadeen Osman Wanted For Raping Girl, 16, In Manchester”

  1. F**king Muslim filth needs to die. How many more females have to be raped before everyone wakes up to the fact that these Muslim filth are evil scum that needs to die? Just start shooting. Burn down the Mosques. Start throwing pig’s blood on them. Don’t just stand around with your thumb up your ass. Do something.

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