Taliban Fighters Caught Having Sex With A Cow

Afghan taliban jihadists are partial to a bit of animal sex

Not for the first time, members of the Taliban in Afghanistan are in the spotlight for their unnatural and warped sexual activities. After a hard day on the battlefield or covertly planting roadside bombs. The Muslim jihadists like nothing more than winding down and relieving their sexual frustrations. But martyrdom and 72 virgins waiting for them could be some time off yet. In a world of sex segregation where women are kept under lock and key away from sexual deviant males doesn’t help the extremists problem.

So for your everyday average bearded fundamentalist who cannot afford to pay for some Bacha Bazi boys to sexually abuse like the mujahedeen warlords. Resourcefulness is the key and goats, cows and other livestock are plentiful in  rural Afghanistan to indulge in a little bestiality with. After all in Islam sex with animals is very much halal.

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Taliban militants caught having sex with cow in Badakhshan

By KHAAMA PRESS – Tue Nov 04 2014, 1:33 pm

Taliban militants

A group of Taliban militants were captured by local residents in northeastern Badakhshan province while they were having sex with a cow.

According to local security officials, the militants were caught by villagers of Farghmanj in Jorm district on Monday.

The officials further added that the militants were initially disarmed by villagers and were then beaten.

Deputy provincial governor Gul Mohammad Bidar said they are aware of the incident involving a number of Taliban militants sexually abusing cows.

He said the local residents have launched a demonstration against the Taliban militants for committing such a shameful act.

According to Bidar, the two militants have managed to flee the area and have gone to another place under the control of Taliban militants.

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