‘Cash For Crash’ Top 20 Hotspots Almost All Muslim Areas

Despite  the majority of Muslims in the UK being regarded as a little bit backwards due to generations of inbreeding and work shy. Preferring to sponge off the state in the welfare benefits is their usual style. Scamming just like sex crimes and savagery is something they excel at. Don’t let their normal retardedness kid you to much. When it comes to obtaining money by deception and scamming people their sex obsessed pea brains seem to step up a few gears

Information released to try and combat cash for crash fraud listed the hotspots by postcodes in the UK. It will come as no surprises that almost all are in areas that have been subjected to Islamization. Well known Muslim dominated cities Birmingham, Bradford and Bolton postcodes make up the top 10. 

The UK's Top 10 crash for cash fraud locations are all places considered Muslim enclaves
The UK’s Top 10 crash for cash fraud locations are all places considered Muslim enclaves
Induced Incident – Cash For Crash Scam – How it works
  • The Frame – the car in front slams on its brakes for no obvious reason giving the victim no time to prevent a collision.
  • The Blame – they insist that it’s the victim’s fault and give them their name and address and the details of their insurance company, sometimes already written down on a piece of paper.
  • The Claim – A few weeks later (though sometimes longer) the victim will receive a letter from their insurance company notifying them of a grossly exaggerated claim including the costs of a recovery vehicle, car hire and whiplash injuries to passengers, none of which actually happened.



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