Young Couple And Child Accused Of Racism And Kicked Off Bus For Singing Peppa Pig Song

It would seem that singing the theme to children’s tv program Peppa Pig is now considered racist against Muslims. A young couple travelling with their young child on a Sheffield bus were wrongly accused of being racist for doing just that and kicked off the bus by the jobsworth driver after the Muslim woman making unfounded accusations complained to him. WHAT A JOKE !!!!

I so wish i had been on that bus when all this was going on. I would have given both the lying Muslim whingebag and the appeasing driver (Muslim???) a piece of my mind. Pigs (animals or tv characters)  are not and never have been illegal. Mentioning the word pig or anything else to do with them such as swine, pork, ham, bacon or hog is not illegal either. This is nothing other than Muslims attempting to push their backwards religion on everybody else

The driver should be fired and publicaly named and shamed for his part in this incident. The woman should be arrested for inciting racial hatred.

South Yorkshire couple in Peppa Pig racism row

Nick Barnfield, fiancee Sarah Cleaves and their 15 month-old girl Heidi

Nick Barnfield, fiancee Sarah Cleaves and their 15 month-old girl Heidi

A young South Yorkshire couple were kicked off a bus and accused of racism – for singing the Peppa Pig theme to their baby daughter.

Nick Barnfield and fiancee Sarah Cleaves were travelling home when they started singing to their 15 month-old girl Heidi.

They said the toddler gets upset in crowded places and they hoped the tune from her favourite show – complete with pig-like snorts – would help calm her.

But an Asian woman accused them of being racist and reported them to the driver of the X78 First bus.

And to their astonishment he then ordered them off and threatened to call police if they refused.

Nick, 24, who was returning from a hospital visit in Sheffield for epileptic tests, said: “It was so embarrassing, everyone on the bus was watching.

“A lady in her 30s came up to us and quite aggressively started telling us we were irresponsible parents and that we were being racist singing the song.

“I told her I didn’t know what she was going on about but she accused us of being in the EDL.

“She was saying, ‘You’re irresponsible parents teaching your child to be racist’. ‘You shouldn’t be singing that to your daughter, it’s a song about pigs and it’s racist’.

“It was completely ridiculous, we were just taken aback about what she was shouting at us.”

The family had to walk home taking more than two hours – a journey that on the bus would have taken then just 20 minutes.

Nick added: “We tried to catch another bus but when we got on, the driver immediately told us we couldn’t stay on.

“The driver from the other bus had obviously radioed out to other buses and told them not to let us on.”

The couple later complained to police and First.

First spokesman Paul Flanagan said: “We are investigating an incident involving Mr Barnfield, his travelling colleagues and another passenger. We will be speaking with our driver and reviewing CCTV.”

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