Mohammed Imran, 11TH Muslim Grooming Gang Member Charged By Thames Valley Police

An eleventh man has been charged with child sex offences alleged to have taken place in the Aylesbury area. Mohammed Imran, of Springcliffe Street, Bradford, is accused of six offences including three counts of raping a girl aged under 16.

Earlier in the week ten other child abusers were charged by Thames Valley Police in the same investigation. For some unknown reason the police statement below doesn’t name those charged only gives the mens ages. There is no doubt on the religion followed by nonce number eleven with a name like Mohammed. This also gives some big indication that the ten  others arrested were also of the Islamic type.  Just in case you hadn’t already sussed that by the police’s statement shown below not naming those charged. Still community cohesion being put first !!

Child exploitation warrants executed in Aylesbury

Thames Valley Police has today carried out a series of warrants in Aylesbury and other Buckinghamshire towns relating to child sexual exploitation.

Around 120 officers executed warrants at 10 properties at 7am. Six warrants were carried out in Aylesbury, one in Milton Keynes, one in Buckingham, one in Chesham and one in Middlesex.

A number of warrants are still being carried out.

Eight men, aged between 28 and 45 have been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences and are currently in police custody.

Those arrested are:

  • 32-year-old man
  • 45-year-old man
  • 32-year-old man
  • 35-year-old man
  • 40-year-old man
  • 35-year-old man
  • 28-year-old man
  • 40-year-old man

The offences relate to two female victims in the Aylesbury area between 2005 and 2012.

“The police action taken today comes as a result of information given to the police earlier this year. We have been working closely with other agencies to investigate these matters, and to provide support and care for the victims. The aim of this operation is to protect victims, bring offenders to justice, and to offer help to any others who we are encouraging to come forward. We will continue to work alongside our partner agencies to offer any support victims need as we carry on with the investigation. I understand today’s events will have an impact on the community and people will be concerned about the nature of these arrests. As you can understand, we are in the early stages of this investigation so may not be able to provide all the information straight away, but we will work hard to make sure the community is kept updated when we can. Our neighbourhood policing teams are carrying out patrols in the area and will be doing their best to answer any questions, so please do not hesitate to approach them. If anyone has any concerns at all about offences relating to child sex exploitation, if they are a victim or know someone who may be, I urge them to contact Thames Valley Police on the 24-hour non-emergency number 101.”


An eleventh man has been charged with child sex offences alleged to have taken place in the Aylesbury area.

Aylesbury child sex abuse case police charge eleventh man

Thames Valley Police vanThirteen properties were raided by Thames Valley Police as part of the same inquiry

Mohammed Imran, of Springcliffe Street, Bradford, is accused of six offences including three counts of raping a girl aged under 16.

Thames Valley Police had said he was due to appear at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court earlier.

The charges relate to offences between 2007 and 2009.

Mr Imran, 37, has also been charged with two counts of conspiring to rape a girl under 16 years of age and one count of arranging/ facilitating the prostitution/ involvement in pornography of a child aged 13 to 17 years.

Thirteen properties were raided by police on 2 September as part of the same inquiry.

Ten other men have already been charged with sexually abusing girls under 16.

Three other men arrested in connection with the inquiry were released without charge.

2 thoughts on “Mohammed Imran, 11TH Muslim Grooming Gang Member Charged By Thames Valley Police”

  1. Large scale Child exploitation by Muslim gangs now reported in Rotherham, Aylesbury and now West Midlands on an even greater scale. Imagine what would happen if this petition went viral! Together we can crush PC and bring justice to those refused it for so long. Please read, sign and importantly SHARE The petition, SHARE IT! SHARE IT… Even if you sign it or not, SHARE IT and put it everywhere.

  2. British media is prone to racial hatred against Asian men mainly Muslim men. Minority does not define all Asians. A Christian, catholic, sikh or jew that commit crimes e.g paedophile are not all branded the same. why isn’t it publicised in the media when women and children are getting raped by British or american soldiers. When Christian paedophiles think its ok to mess with kids why isn’t that publicised via race?? Majority of the murderers that kill are white so are we to assume every white person is also a murderer??people that assume they know Islam need to actually look into it instead of following blindly. There is not other religion more peaceful then Islam, people are just afraid to look into the religion because they know that if they did it would make sense, instead they follow made up opinions stupidly!!! Why do you never refer to Anders Breivik as “the Christian”?

    Child sex abuse figures from UK H.M. Prison Service show that perpetrators are overwhelmingly white: 93% White vs 7% Black/Asian. In 2009, 8 ALL white members of a paedophile network have been found guilty of a catalogue of charges relating to child abuse and indecent images of children yet the our xenophobic media did not make it a ‘race’ issue. Also, the vast majority of sexual abuse of children takes place in the home by people they know, family members, family friends etc (and in some cases even priests) NOT out on the street by gangs, White, Asian or otherwise.

    Many of the people that do the abusing are from all religions, including Islam, that is also a fact!. No particular culture has the monopoly on this disgusting crime! It’s not just the Pakistani community, the xenophobes are out in force again. 95% of grooming is done by whites. Lear we forget the nursery nurse taking sexual photos of 0-5 in Cornwall. Yes the Pakistani community need to look at their own lads what they’re up to and they need to deal with.

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