OAP Knocked Unconscious And Jaw Broke By ‘Asian’ Mercedes Driver In Manchester

The scumbag who attacked this pensioner in Salford needs catching and locking up asap.  Typical behaviour these days by religion of peace members preying on the weak. Picking on the easy target all the time. They have no morales and no respect for their elders or anyone else for that matter if they happen to be British non Muslims. 

Pictured: Pensioner battered unconscious for asking speeding Mercedes driver to slow down

Peter Stringer, 71, also had his jaw broken in the vicious attack in Walkden, Salford

Peter Stringer suffered a broken jaw in the attack

A motorist jumped out of his car and battered a pensioner unconscious – because he asked him to slow down.

Peter Stringer, 71, was left with a fractured jaw when the thug got out of his Mercedes and viciously attacked him on Old Clough Lane in Walkden, Salford.

The thug is believed to be less than half Mr Stringer’s age.

Detectives have now issued this image of his injuries in a bid to track down the attacker.

The victim was walking his mother-in-law’s dogs at around 7.30pm on Sunday, August 31, when a black Mercedes saloon car sped past.

As Mr Stringer stood near the junction of Spring Clough Avenue, he gestured for the driver to slow down.

The car stopped and reversed back to him, before the driver leapt out and punched him hard in the face, fracturing his jaw and knocking him unconscious.

The man then got back in his car and drove off, leaving Mr Stringer alone and injured on the pavement.

The offender is described as Asian and aged about 30.

He was between 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in and had an athletic build, a sallow complexion, short black hair and a short trimmed beard.

He was wearing smart-casual clothing.

Det Con Paul Davies, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “The victim has been left understandably shaken by this unprovoked assault and I believe the injuries would have been more severe had the victim not fallen onto a grass verge.

“The offender has thought nothing of fleeing the scene and did not even call an ambulance.

“Unfortunately no witnesses to this assault have come forward and the victim came to on the grass verge alone, with no one around to check on his welfare.

“It was a cowardly act and I ask for anybody with information about this incident or who thinks they may have seen a vehicle matching that description driving erratically in the area at the time to contact police.”

Anyone with information can call police on 0161 856 5097 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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