Bolton Shopkeeper Stamping Pro Hamas Slogans On £5 Notes

A Muslim shopkeeper from Bolton has been upsetting British born locals by defacing £5 notes with anti Israel slogans before giving them back out in the change.  The Muslim owned Willow News on Willows Lane, Daubhill stamped the notes with the slogan ” Free Palestine Boycott Israel”   This also happens to be a criminal offence  although i doubt the police will do anything as Muslims get a free pass to do as they please.

How about boycott Willow News for the Muslim shop keepers complete ignorance and lack of facts. Like so many Muslims and their far left sympathisers they are brainwashed by numpty’s like George Galloway into believing rubbish.

Free Palestine……where exactly is Palestine?   Before Israel was formed was there a sovereign state called Palestine….er nope.  I take it by Palestine he is referring to the enclave of the Gaza Strip  controlled by terrorist organization Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot. Who syphon off aid money to line their own pockets and buy weapons. The same Hamas whose own constitution declares never ever make peace with Israel and fight on until they are wiped out.

Palestine is not or never has been a country, its a geographical area that was referred to as the Mandate of Palestine in the 1920 plans for a Jewish homeland. The former Ottoman empire was carved up after their defeat in WW1. Syria, Iraq and Lebanon were also formed at the same time as the planned Jewish homeland which included  their holy lands once called Judea where the Jews were driven out from.

Almost straight away Muslim Arabs kicked off about their sworn enemy the Jews getting their own place right next door.  So the planned Jewish homeland, The Mandate Of Palestine was once again split up further. 77% of it designated Arab Palestine which became the country of Jordan. 23% as Jewish Palestine which became Israel.

Mr Willow News should start doing his homework before pushing his extremist anti Semitic untrue beliefs on others in an area that is heavily Islamized and where interfaith relations are at an all time low thanks to the Labour Council’s blatant Muslim appeasing.

Willows News, Daubhill, Bolton. Hamas supporting owner stamps notes with anti Israeli messages
Willow News In Bolton


 A £5 note with the anti semetic message stamped on it stamped on at Willows News, Willows Lane, Daubhill
A £5 note with the anti semetic message stamped on it stamped on at Willows News, Willows Lane, Daubhill
Manager of Willows News in Bolton is breaking the law defacing notes
Manager of Willows News in Bolton is breaking the law defacing notes

‘Free Palestine, boycott Israel’ messages stamped on bank notes and handed out by newsagent

8:00am Sunday 24th August 2014 in News  By Vickie Scullard,

FREE Palestine, boycott Israel messages are being stamped on bank notes and handed out by a newsagent.

Manager of Willows News has taken to spreading his political message to customers in the unusual way in a bid to raise awareness of the situation in the Middle East.

The messages say “free Palestine, boycott Israel”.

The shop boss, who wants only to be known as Abdul, said: “It’s simply based on what is currently going on at the moment to make people aware about what cause they need to be supporting.
“What Israel is doing is wrong, and we need to boycott them and support Palestine. Putting a little stamp on the notes is our way of raising awareness and getting the message across using a political message.

“Some people have come in and asked what it’s about, and some have realised that it is a good thing. Others don’t understand it, but there hasn’t been too much negativity.”

But one grandfather, who has been given one of the notes from the shop in Willows Lane, Daubhill, was not happy to be handed the defaced £5.

Bill, who does not want to reveal his last name or be pictured, says he received the note on Sunday, August 17, after he picked up his paper.

The 67-year-old, of Deane Church Lane, Daubhill, did not see the message at first, because the note was folded up as it was given to him, but when he clocked it later he became annoyed.

He says he found out it came from the shop after speaking to two other residents in the area who received similar notes.

The production worker said: “I paid with a £10 note and received the fiver back folded in half, so I didn’t realise the stamp at first. But when I took it home there it was plain as day.

“I was livid. It is defacing the Queen’s currency. If I wrote ‘free England, boycott so and so’ on our notes I’d be in the police station quicker than I could think.

“It’s a political statement on our currency which is out of order. It is premeditated, not just written out of temper. I think whoever is responsible should be taken to task about it.”

The Bank of England, which issues the country’s bank notes confirmed it was illegal to deface currency — but stressed they were still legal tender even if they had been stamped.

A spokesman for the Bank of England said: “Defacing bank notes is definitely not something we would recommend but whether or not there would be a prosecution would be up to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if it was in the public interest.

“We would advise people not to do it because one of the really important things is maintaining confidence in our currency and people being able to spot counterfeit money.

“The notes are legal tender but they would probably be taken out of circulation when they entered our processing plants.”

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