Police Do Nothing Over Muslim Taxi Driver Beating Up Female Passenger


24 year old Jess Rowles and her friend had been out in Bristol having a few drinks.They decided to call it a night around 2.30am where they made a terrible mistake and one they will always regret. They flagged a taxi down in the street.  Regular visitors to this site will know this was a bad move and their safety was at stake given the countless posts on Muslim taxi drivers attacking female passengers.

When the girls asked the driver to stop at a cash point he refused dumping them on a secluded road in the dark.  Just to prove a point of his manliness. He acted in true dominant Muslim male style and gave her a good hiding resulting in needing hospital treatment.

Despite going to the police, there will be no justice for the victim as they are not persuing the crime due to a so called lack of evidence. Absolute piss take, you can guarantee had it been a Muslim attacked the police would be leaving no stone unturned. 

Woman’s horrific injuries after being PUNCHED by taxi driver following row over fare

Jess Rowles, 24, was sprayed with water and punched in the face after asking the cabbie to take her to a cash point

Brutal: Jess Rowles was left needing stitches after the attack

A young woman told how she was punched by a rogue taxi driver who then left her and a friend stranded and alone.

Jess Rowles, 24, had enjoyed several drinks on a night out with a friend before flagging a taxi down at around 2.30am.

She asked to be taken home, but realised she didn’t have enough money to pay the fare, and requested they stop off at a cash point.

The driver, however, locked the taxi doors before he drove to a random, isolated street, where he punched her in the face, leaving her needing stitches.

The cabbie, who could not be tracked down by police officers, then drove off — leaving Jess, and an accompanying friend, miles from home.

Not happy: Jess Rowles is angry police have closed their investigation into the attack

Emergency services were called and police officers took Jess to hospital where she had several stitches to her lip and chin.

Jess, who works for an insurance company, said: “We had £14 but he wanted £20 so we asked him to take us to a cash point.

“He refused, locked us in the cab and said he was going to take us back to where he collected us.

“But in fact he dumped us in (another road) which was dark, but to be honest we were just glad to be able to get out the cab.

“Then as we walked away he got something out the boot of his car and sprayed us with water.

“I went back to ask him why he had done that and it felt like he punched me in the face.

“There was certainly a lot of force because it knocked me to the ground and I hit my face on the kerb.”

The girls, from Shirehampton, Bristol, believed the cab was run by Bristol City Council and described the assailant as an Asian man in his 20s.

Avon and Somerset Police were informed but have closed the investigation due to lack of evidence, infuriating Jess, who thinks they have done the “bare minimum”.

A spokesperson for the force said: “A thorough and detailed investigation was carried out based on the limited information and evidence available.

“CCTV was checked but there was no film showing the incident or a good shot of the actual taxi.

“House-to-house investigations were also carried out and private CCTV checked but no relevant footage was found.

“Because Ms Rowles has a right to complain if she feels we have not carried out a thorough investigation, this has been reported to the force’s professional standards department to review.”

Jess has now gained the support of her local MP, Wayne Harvey, who said: “Seeing the photos of this horrific, violent and cowardly attack on Jess has left me feeling sickened.

“This is the second attack that has been brought to my attention regarding taxi drivers becoming violent and assaulting their passengers.

“With all the CCTV we have in Bristol this should be being picked up.”

MP Charlotte Leslie added: “Taxis should be seen as a place of safety for people, not a place where you risk being assaulted.

“It seems sad but perhaps we need to encourage people to note down taxi licence numbers when they get in a taxi.”


12 thoughts on “Police Do Nothing Over Muslim Taxi Driver Beating Up Female Passenger”

  1. the cab was run by Bristol City Council and described the assailant as an Asian man in his 20s.

    Avon and Somerset Police were informed but have closed the investigation due to lack of evidence


    Her father should get some mates and beat the crap out of the Bristol City Council, and tell them to find this guy or face a second helping of ass kicking. Ditto the head of the Somerset “police”

  2. Not only take down the license number, but send it to multiple friends before getting in. Better yet, don’t be out drinking until the wee hours, then get in a car with a man you don’t know, even a cabbie.

  3. [SHRUG] The Brits have eschewed the use of weapons. She deliberately made herself vulnerable. If you are unwilling to allow others to defend themselves, you deserve no defense or protection.

  4. No description, except it was in the 20s, and a sand-coon, no number plate detail, not even a taxi plate number.


    The Police were correct.

    You may not like it, but if the Police arrested YOU with such “evidence” you would be the FIRST to complain.

    It is called the LAW, and RULES OF EVIDENCE Remember those?

  5. Moslem taxi drivers are doing the same in canada. In this city (Ottawa) there have been sexual assaults on white women who flag down cab late at night, but it is suppressed in the liberal news. I try to alert women when I see them to not take Blueline taxi ( its all moslem). Now they lost the contract to the main hospital.

    1. XX believed the cab was run by Bristol City Council and described the assailant as an Asian man in his 20s.XX

      Obviously in YOUR small world this contitutes a MASSIVE amount of evidence, in fact enough so that you could go out and ask every paki looking 20 year old taxi driver in Bristol to take part in an I.D parade.

      I mean if YOU got arrested with such overwhelming evidence against you would be instructing your lawyer to give up because you were going to plead guilty, under the weight of uncontrovercial facts, right?

      The MAIN POINT of an ID parade is thast you have a bloody suspect that you can shove in there to be Identified! To GET a suspect, you have to have EVIDENCE in the first place. Here there IS none.

      Or had THAT escaped your scant attention?

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