Preston Council Fly Palestinian Flag At Town Hall In Support Of Hamas


 Labour Party controlled Preston Council are the latest local authority to display their pro Muslim feelings. In a controversial Muslim appeasing move the leftist council raised the flag of Palestine above Preston Town Hall as a show of support to the people of terrorist controlled Gaza.

The Labour Party council leader claimed the flag was raised to raise awareness of the goings on in Gaza.  I think we are all perfectly aware of what’s going on there as the TV and newspapers are full of reports with a pro Muslim bias and pallywood filmed images.

Asian Image: Palestinian flag raised at Preston Town HallPalestinian flag raised at Preston Town Hall

The flag of Palestine was raised at Preston Town Hall this evening.But then taken down a while later.

Mukhtar Master Chair of Children of the Ghetto, which made the request had earlier said, “The gesture is small however its symbolism and meaning is monumental and historic.”

Over 800 people have died in Gaza since violence in the region started.

Councillor Peter Rankin, Leader of Preston City Council, said: “We are flying the flag in solidarity with the people of Gaza who are locked in a bitter and long lasting conflict with Israel.

“As well as the military conflict, there is also a blockade that is having a devastating effect on the people living in Gaza, causing un-necessary hardship and misery. By flying the flag we can raise awareness of the suffering of the people of Gaza and have empathy for them. “Obviously, we don’t condone violence and there is wrong on both sides of this particular conflict. “Our hope is that there is a ceasefire and then for dialogue to try and somehow see a way through towards a lasting peace.”


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