The Not So ‘Religion Of Peace’ Round Up

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for me due to work  and family commitments. Throw the World Cup into the mix as well and the end result has been a major shortage of free time to blog , read messages, etc etc. It just so happens that my lack of online time has coincided with what appears to be a large spike in Muslim criminality and anti social behaviour. Everything from rape jihad, paedophilia, honour crimes, pack attacks, Muslim terrorists and wannabe jihadists through to Islamic scumbags robbing oaps and children. You can be sure that the weird world of Islam always manages to throw up story or another.


Rather than do individual posts i have decided to do something of round up of relevant stories with links where to find out more information

Muslim conmen operating in two areas targeting the elderly

Christian woman claims harassment and intimidation by racist Muslim co workers at Heathrow airport which resulted in her losing her job. Christian claims religious harassment by Muslim colleagues

Interesting article over at Harrys Place regarding the extremist charity Caged Prisoners whos head honcho Mozzam Begg was recently arrested on terrorism charges. They are now appealing for money after having their  bank accounts frozen  while they are investigated. CAGE Prisoners appeals for financial assistance

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a woman had her handbag snatched outside a shop in Lidget Green, Bradford.The victim, a 25-year-old woman, walked out of the McColls store in Beckside Road at around 1.10pm on Monday, and was heading towards the post office when a man approached her from behind and pulled the handbag from her shoulder.She initially managed to keep hold of the bag but when the man has threatened to punch her she let go. Bag snatcher threatens to punch woman.

Birmingham police appeal after bearded robbers attack shopkeeper with bat. CCTV appeal: Birmingham shopkeeper beaten with baseball bat after he challenged thieves

Rape Jihadist caged for Cambridge sex attack. Parker’s Piece sex attacker Mohammed Talha is jailed for assault on woman walking home from the Regal in Cambridge

Muslim Rape jihadist Mohammed Talha
Muslim Rape jihadist Mohammed Talha


Two 16 year olds threatened and robbed by a thug in the Muslim enclave of Bradford. Police release image of man they want to speak to following street robbery in Bradford

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