Mainstream Media Silence Again As Yet Another Muslim Grooming Gang Jailed


Nothing makes my blood boil as much as each time i hear about yet another Muslim grooming gang being found guilty of heinous sex crimes against British schoolgirls. Heres news of yet another vile bunch of Islamic paedophiles found guilty of abusing a 14 year old girl over an 8 month period. The four man Muslim grooming gang were led by Nazakat Mahmood and from Buckinghamshire. Their tactics were almost identical to countless other grooming gangs operating up and down the UK. Befriend an underage vulnerable school girl. Once they had gained her trust ply her with alcohol then pressurise into sexual activity.

The only thing that comes close to winding me up nearly as much unfortunately often happens at the same time when my blood is already boiling taking me to the point where i’m ready explode. This is the mainstream media silence which more often than not accompanies the grooming trials. This case is another prime example where a google news search only provides 2 results and both are local newspapers.

The national press chose to ignore the Muslim rape jihad epidemic happening all around us. For some reason they feel the public don’t need to know about real newsworthy stories and the abuse of British schoolgirls by Muslim  predators. Instead devoting their space to such important things (sic) such as Big Brother, where the Rooney’s are holidaying or what Justin Bieber’s latest act of stupidity is.

Not a day goes by when one newspaper or news report doesn’t  still mention Steven Lawrence. You can be certain that had it been white Brit’s sexually abusing Muslim schoolgirls it would be headline news for weeks with people like Fiyaz Mughal appearing on every channels news reports about the Islamophobic scandal. High profile campaigns funded by the taxpayer to highlight the issues. But because the majority of the victims are white British and the paedophiles are non white Muslims then it doesn’t matter!!!!

Men jailed for sexually abusing schoolgirl

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Nazakat Mahmood

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Ghulfaraz Nawaz

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Haroon Rauf

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Omar Sharif

THE ringleader of a gang who sexually abused a schoolgirl has been jailed for thirteen and a half years – and three other men have also been handed lengthy prison terms.

Nazakat Mahmood was handed his sentence at Reading Crown Court on Friday after a jury had previously convicted him of seven counts of sexual activity with a child and two counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The 28-year-old, of Batchelors Way, Chesham, was identified as being the prime instigator of the abuse the girl – who was just 14 at the time – suffered over an eight month period.

Jurors were told Mahmood, along with 27-year-old Ghulfaraz Nawaz and 30-year-old Harron Rauf, forced the girl, who was often plied with alcohol, to perform sex acts on them and pressured her into having full sex on several occasions.

Nawaz, of Benham Close, Chesham, was caged for five and a half years after being found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child, while Rauf, of Drakes Close, Amersham, was jailed for a total of six years for his conviction for two counts of sexual activity with a child and one of assault by beating.

After the trio were arrested a fourth man, 26-year-old Omar Sharif, blackmailed the girl into having sex with him.

The court heard Sharif forced the girl to have sex with him in her pyjamas in a graveyard in the middle of the night.

Sharif, of Brockhurst Road, Chesham, was given an eight year prison term after being convicted of six counts of sexual activity with a child.

The men were found guilty of committing the offences in the Chesham area between December 2011 and July 2012 after a three week trial.

Prosecutors said all of the men had denied having any sexual activity with the girl or inciting it and claimed they believed she was at least 17 years old.

Investigating officer Det Con Natalie Golding said: “This was abuse of a young vulnerable girl in the most horrific way.

“All four men used this girl and then, when she had the courage to come to police, they denied the offences and continued to deny them.

“I want to thank the victim here for her bravery in coming forward and helping us to put these men behind bars.

“Hopefully this will go some way to showing other victims of sexual offences that we will listen to you and we will take you seriously.”

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