Pervert Exposes Penis To Bus Driver When Asked For Bus Pass

Another instance of an ‘Asian’ pervert exposing his penis, this time to a bus driver when asked for his pass in clear view of the bus passengers. Muslim males flashing has become something of a trend lately with numerous incidents up and down the UK. The indecent exposure took place in the heavily Islamized Yorkshire city of Bradford where sex crimes committed by Muslims are now all part of daily life.

Man flashed his penis at bus driver when asked to produce bus pass

Asian Image: A CCTV image of the suspectA CCTV image of the suspect

Police have released an image of a man who showed his genitals to a bus driver when asked to produce a bus pass.

The man got on the 620 bus at Bradford Interchange at 6.30am on June 10th. When the male driver asked him to show his bus pass he took a step backwards before exposing himself and running away.

The bus was carrying several other passengers at the time who witnesses the incident.

An image caught on the bus’s CCTV was released today in an attempt to identify the flasher, who left the driver feeling “alarmed.”

The man is described as Asian, in his 20s, of average build and around 5 foot eight inches tall. He had short black hair, black tracksuit bottoms and a black hooded top.

Anyone who recognises the man can call the police non emergency number 101.

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