Man In Traditional Muslim Clothing Sexually Assaulted Passenger On Bus

Woman  in Bradford

 Woman sexually assaulted on bus in Bradford

Police are appealing for information after a woman was sexually assaulted on a bus in Bradford.

The woman was travelling on the 607 towards the city centre at around 1pm on Thursday, June 12, when she was touched over her clothing by a man.

The suspect got off the bus outside Britannia House and is believed to have walked along Broadway, towards the pedestrianised shopping area.

He is described as Asian, aged around 40, six feet tall and of stocky build.

He had short, scruffy black hair and was wearing traditional Asian dress, which was light grey with a tinge of green.

Inspector George Bardell, of the Bradford East Area Neighbourhood Team, said: “We believe the suspect got on the bus in Leeds Road close to the junction with Dick Lane at about 12.55pm, so we would appeal to anyone who saw this man at the bus stop to come forward.

“We would also like to speak to a woman who asked the victim if she was okay when she got off the bus.

“She is believed to be in her late twenties with long brown and blonde hair, was wearing a dark jacket, and might have got on the bus in Broadstone Way.”

One thought on “Man In Traditional Muslim Clothing Sexually Assaulted Passenger On Bus”

  1. It irritates me when news reports refer to Muslims as ‘Asians’. ‘Traditional Asian dress’ makes me think of Japanese samurai or Chinese rice field farmer. And if any man groped me he’d find himself lying on the ground crying and clutching his balls.

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