Luton Teenager Ali Hafeez Raped And Robbed Prostitute

Ali Hafeez obviously is no bright spark. For the sake of twenty quid he could of saved himself in a few years and had sex with the obliging street walker. Instead he raped her and will spend a few years behind bars for his troubles.

Prostitute was raped and robbed by Luton teenager Ali Hafeez a court is told

BY JULIA SUTTON  Luton-Dunstable

Luton Crown CourtLuton Crown Court

A PROSTITUTE was raped and robbed in Luton by a teenage client who had a Bedfordshire Police Victim Pack in his car, a jury heard today (Monday).

The woman – who cannot be named – was raped twice after something was pointed at the back of her head and then had £20 and her mobile phone stolen.

In a 999 recording played to St Albans Crown Court she was heard to say: “I have just been robbed and attacked by a guy in a car. I am not going to lie. I am a prostitute. He said he had a knife and took my money and my phone.”

She described her attacker as a young Asian in his early 20s, wearing jeans and blue trainers. She said what had happened was a bit of a blur.

The prosecution allege the rape and robbery was carried out by Ali Hafeez, 18, who had earlier reported a robbery to the police and had been given a blue victim pack.

Opening the case prosecutor Peter Shaw told the jury: “This case concerns the rape and robbery of a woman who happened to be working as a prostitute. The law protects one and all from offences.”

He said on June 8 last year the woman was standing in Biscot Road, Luton, having just received £20 from a customer, when a maroon-coloured Astra car pulled up. She leant inside and established that the driver was there to do business and he drove to a car park off Reginald Street.

They got into the back of the car and she asked for £20 first. She thought he was going to hand over the money, but felt something cold pressed against the back of her head.

Hafeez is said to have told her all prostitutes deserve what they get. He said he had paid one £40, but had ended up being robbed of hundreds.

Mr Shaw said he forced the woman to get two condoms from her bag. He then forced her to perform sexual acts, the court was told.

Hafeez is then said to have told her to hand over her money. She said she had none, but he found £20 hidden underneath the insole of her shoe. He then threw her mobile phone across the car. He told her to get out of the car and run.

The woman ran to Old Bedford Road and dialled 999 from a phone box. She gave the car registration number to the emergency call officer and it was traced to an address in Tenby Drive, Luton. She told the investigating officer that she had noticed a blue folder with a Bedfordshire Police logo on it.

Hafeez was arrested and agreed he had been given a Victim of Crime Pack after reporting that he had been robbed. He was also picked out by the woman at an identity parade.

Condoms recovered from the car park allegedly had DNA linked to the defendant.

Hafeez, of Flint Close, Luton, denies two counts of rape and one of robbery on June 8, 2013.

When questioned he denied rape or robbery. He said that at the time he was having his hair cut. He said he had sex with a prostitute the previous night in the same car and had paid her £25.

case proceeding

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