Islamoflasher Exposes Himself To Girls Aged 12 And 13 In Grimsby

Just lately it seems like incidents of Islamoflashers are popping up somewhere every few days. There has been a massive spate of them up and down the UK over the last couple of months. Just like grooming gangs and random sex attacks, Muslims seem to be responsible for a way above average amount of indecent exposures.

According to recent figures Muslims make up 4.8% of the British population, to allow for illegal immigrant Muslims i shall round it up to 5%. Thats 1 Muslim for every 20 people. So for every  Muslim flasher incident is there another 19 cases involving non Muslim perverts which it would be if they were average numbers ?  

Hunt for man who indecently exposed himself to girls on playing field

By NewsdeskGy  |  Posted: June 09, 2014 Grimsby Telegraph

POLICE are hunting a man who indecently exposed himself to girls playing football in Yarrow Road, Grimsby.

A man was walking alone when the incident took place around 5pm on Tuesday June, 3.

A 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl were playing football on the path, leading up to Yarrow Road.

An unknown man walked past the two girls, turned around and walked towards them.

As he approached them he was indecently exposing himself and urinating at the same time.

He said “hello” to the two girls before zipping up his trousers and walking off.

The offender is described as an Asian male, of a medium build and around 5ft 8ins tall with short dark hair. He was wearing blue jeans, black boots and a sky blue jacket, which was zipped up to cover his mouth.

Anyone who may have information which can help police with the investigation was asked to contact Humberside Police by calling 101 quoting crime reference 2048240.


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