21 Years In Prison For Muslim Rapist Hassan Akhtar And His Accomplice

Its amazing how low some people will go to get themselves out of debt like Akhtar’s sidekick here. Especially when it involves a Muslim as they will see that as a weakness and exploit it every way they can.

Rapist Hassan Akhtar and accomplice who set up attacks on teen get 21 years in prison

  • Jun 06, 2014 16:51
  • By Rob Kennedy

Twisted rapist Hassan Akhtar has been jailed for 13 years while the woman who arranged the attacks to help with her rent arrears got eight years

Hassan Akhtar, who appeared at Durham Crown Court

Rapist Hassan Akhtar has been jailed for 13 years while the sick accomplice, who set up the attacks on a vulnerable girl to help pay her rent, got eight years.

Muriel Coleman facilitated repeated rapes on the girl after falling more than £1,000 behind on her rent, which she owed to Akhtar’s uncle.

Akhtar was convicted of four counts of rape and one attempted rape after jurors returned unanimous verdicts on each count.

The 37-year-old repeatedly raped the teenager at a flat in County Durham and at his home in Northgate, Stanley, when his wife was either visiting a mosque or relatives in Pakistan.

His accomplice, Coleman, who told a “pack of lies” during police interviews, initially denied it was her who helped him seek out the girl.

But she admitted two counts of assisting or encouraging the rape of a young woman.

Jailing the pair at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Simon Hickey told Coleman: “You exploited her, facilitating these awful acts against her.

“The answer as to why you would do that was provided in the trial. You were in debt and the need for money reveals why you allowed (the girl) to be abused in this way.”


Muriel Coleman, who appeared at Durham Crown Court.
Muriel Coleman, who appeared at Durham Crown Court.


Because Akhtar denied the charges, his victim was forced to give evidence.

She told the jury how she had kicked, punched and slapped Akhtar but he did not stop his assaults, instead telling her to “shut up” and that “men liked it”.

She also told how she felt pressured to walk two steps behind him so as not to rouse suspicion.

Akhtar attempted to bribe her by offering to buy her a puppy and claiming he would help her with her future career.

The teenager said the rapes were painful and made her angry but she felt powerless to stop Akhtar as she feared he would hit her.

“I must admit I was a bit scared that he might hit me for telling,” she said.

She added: “He started doing things that I didn’t like and he wouldn’t stop.”

The court heard Coleman rented a flat from Akhtar’s uncle and had not paid her rent for four months and owed £1,190 when the offences came to light in March 2013.

Coleman, 50, of Church Square, Brandon, County Durham, claimed she was in “zombie mode” when she took part in the sickening offences.

During the trial Akhtar attempted to blame Coleman, claiming the pair had a consensual sexual relationship – something Coleman denies – and that she turned nasty when he refused to loan her money.

John Wilkinson, for dad-of-three Akthar, said he maintains his denials and that his wife continues to support him.

Jonathan Devlin, for Coleman, said she was “hopelessly inadequate” and wished she had prevented what happened to the victim.

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