Disabled White Man From Burnley Attacked By ‘Asian’ In Muslim Area

Another disgusting and cowardly attack on a disabled person by a lowlife who is almost certainly Muslim despite the usual  description calling the scumbag ‘Asian’. Unfortunately these kind of sickening attacks are on the increase. This is the third  disabled person attacked in predominately Muslim areas within the space of a month . Similar incidents have recently happened in Luton and Bradford

As i have said previously. Uncivilized blood thirsty Muslims have a predatory instinct where they can sniff out the easy target in a split second. Disabled, OAPs, children and women are all fair game to them as without morales they know no boundaries .

Had this attack been a disabled Muslim hit and a white attacker there would be uproar from Muslims and the far left. TellMamas Fiyaz Mughal would be appearing on every stations news bulletins chatting on about it being a racist attack and a rise in islamophobic hate crimes. It would be national news instead of left to the local paper like this has to report.


Disabled man attacked in broad daylight in Burnley

Burnley Express

Brian Tomlinson was punched in the face by an attacker trying to steal his mobile phone.

Brian Tomlinson was punched in the face by an attacker trying to steal his mobile phone.


A disabled Burnley man has slammed a thug who punched him in the face and tried to steal his mobile phone in broad 
daylight leaving him with a black eye.


Mr Brian Tomlinson (58) was walking across the park at Pit Top, Bank Hall, close to his Cobden Street home at 2pm last Friday when he was approached by a man who threatened him and demanded his mobile phone.

When he refused to hand it over, the attacker punched Mr Tomlinson in the eye before turning and running away.

Mr Tomlinson, who had been advised to start walking by his doctor to improve his health, was on his first stroll when he was attacked. He said the assault had made him nervous of going out alone and particularly walking through the park. He said he also wanted to warn others to be on their guard.

“He gave me such a lamp, he smashed my glasses and everything but I wasn’t going to give him my phone. He would be very lucky to get anything off me. I went out two days later with my wife, I didn’t want to walk across the park again. I was scared but I did it.

“There are a lot of old ladies who walk their dogs on the park, I just want them to be careful.”

The attacker is Asian, aged in his late teens or early 20s, of slim build and around 5ft. 7in. tall. He was wearing dark-coloured trousers, a dark hooded top and a scarf around his face. Anyone with information about the attack should contact police on 101.

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