89 Year Old Woman Punched And Robbed In Her Own Home By Scumbag

This sickening attack on a frail 89 year old woman in her own home has Muslim attacker wrote all over it. The vermin attacker not only was described as ‘Asian’, the whole nature of this crime displays pretty typical Muslim behaviour. Cowardly picking an easy target and hitting a woman who also happens to be a pensioner is spineless. Entering her own house to rob her purse is just wrong on every level. As past incidents have shown.  Morales and compassion are two attributes Muslims appear to have little of.

This old lady probably is struggling to get by on a state pension after living through the war, having done her bit to help rebuild Britain  it and in a worse  position than the scroat who stole from her

Dunstable Pensioner Punched And Robbed

It happened around 5:30 on Thursday evening (May 29th) on Gorham Way.

The man made an excuse to get inside her house and headed into the living room.

When asked to leave by the woman she was pushed onto the sofa and punched her.

He then took cash from her handbag and ran off.

The man is described as Asian and around 6ft tall.

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