Woman Walking Home In Yorkshire Forced In Car By Asian Gang And Robbed

A female walking home from a night out was approached by 3 Asian males who forced her into a car and robbed her, thankfully only driving a short distance before letting her go. Going off past incidents, as disturbing as her ordeal was. It could quite easily have turned out much worse for the woman given Muslims known sexual deviancy lurking just below the surface tendency to commit sex crimes in groups.

The attack happened in Batley, Yorkshire. The West Yorkshire area which also includes Bradford and Dewsbury is one of the UK’s biggest losers to Islamization. Swamped by Muslim immigrants making the towns hardly recognizable from a few decades back.

Woman forced into car and robbed by gang of three men in Batley

Attack happened in Carlinghow Lane on Sunday morning

A woman was forced into a car by a gang of three men when she was walking home from a night out.

Her terrifying ordeal only ended after she had been driven a short distance and had her handbag and its contents stolen.

She was shaken but otherwise unhurt.

The robbery happened at 3.25am on Sunday when she was approached by men in a car being driven up Carlinghow Lane, Batley.

Det Insp Nigel Gittens, of Kirklees Police, said: “This is clearly a serious and very unusual incident which is being investigated by detectives. While the victim was unhurt she was distressed by what took place.

“I would ask anyone who saw her being forced into the car or who saw three men driving a car fitting this description in the Bradford Road area of Batley between 3am and 3.25am to contact us.”

The car itself was described as dark, possibly maroon, and the three suspects were described as Asian men.

The victim was let out of the vehicle in Batley Field Head.

Det Insp Gittens added: “I would wish to reiterate that the nature of this offence is extremely unusual for Batley and extremely rare full stop. Anyone who has information should contact Kirklees CID on 101 or CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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